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One of the best was at Darlington in 2003 when Ricky Craven won by 0.002 seconds over Kurt Bush.

1. Dale Earnhardt wins Datona 500 1998

2. Dale Earnhardt Daytona 500, 2001

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Q: What are the 2 most famous NASCAR races?
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How many Nascar races did Tim Richmond win?

Tim Richmond won 13 Nascar Cup races and 2 Busch Series races (now known as the Nationwide Series) during his career.

How many Nascar races has Denny Hamlin won in his career?

Denny Hamlin has won 23 Nascar Cup Series races, 11 Nationwide Series races and 2 Truck Series race.

How many Nascar races has Tony Stewart won in his career?

Tony Stewart has won 48 Nascar Cup Series races, 11 Nationwide races (formerly known as the Busch Series) and 2 Truck Series races in his career.

What state hosts the most Nascar races?

Florida - 2 times at Daytona + 1 more race there (Bud Shoot out) and Homestead. That is for Sprint. Then there is also two truck races at Daytona. And then 3 for Nationwide. This doesn't include the NASCAR owned series of Grand-Am.

What is Clint Bowyer known for?

Clint Bowyer is famous for American stock car racing driver. He became 2nd in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2012. He won 2 races in 2010 in the NASCAR Spring Cup Series.

What is the NASCAR race schedule for 2013?

The NASCAR race schedule for 2013 includes 36 races and 2 exhibition races. Some upcoming races include the Coca Cola 600 on May 26, FedEx 400 on June 2 and the Coke Zero 400 on July 6.

How many Nascar races do they not turn left?

Nascar drivers turn left at every race track. They will also turn right at the 2 road courses, Watkins Glen International and Infineon Raceway.

When is the Daytona 200 mile race?

There are no 200 mile Nascar races at Daytona, in any of the top three series.Sprint Cup: (2 races) 500 mile and 400 mileNationwide: (2 races) 300 mile and 250 mileCamping World Truck: (1 race) 250 mile

How many Nascar Winston Cup Series races did Dale Earnhardt Sr. win in 1982 and 1983?

He won 1 in 1982 and 2 in 1983.

Did Greg Biffle win a race in 2009?

Greg Biffle did not win a Nascar Sprint Cup race in 2009, but he did win 2 Nationwide Series races.

What is a length in horse races?

Races are measured in furlongs; a furlong is 1/8 of a mile. In the U.S. races normally range from 5 1/2 furlongs to up to 1 1/2 miles (the Belmont Stakes each June is one of the very few 1 1/2 mile races). Races unde one mile are known as "sprints" while races of a mile or more are known as "routes." The Kentucky Derby, the most famous American race, is 1 1/4 miles. I hope this helps!

What is the duration of NASCAR RaceDay?

The duration of NASCAR RaceDay is 2 hours.

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