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Q: What are ten nice things to say to a person?
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How do you say Have a nice holiday27 in spanish?

(ten un) asueto agradable27 27 = veintisiete

What are ten things animals compete for?

for very nice and pleasuring sex.

How can you stop yourself from saying the wrong thing?

count to ten then think if i have nothing nice to say than i wont say it at all

What does a boy say and how does he act when he like a 10 year old girl?

If he is the same age as the girl, around ten like you said, he'll probably just act overly friendly to her. Sharing his things, being nice, "gentlemanly" gestures, things of the such.

Is Weebly safe for kids?

Well I think so. My friends use it and I am mature and I always check things. And I am ten years old. So for a ten year I would think so. :) have a nice day

What is the best outfit for a ten year old girl to wear to mass?

For a ten year old, i think some skinny jeans with a nice top and nice shoes, or a nice casual dress =)

When a person is a teenger?

You are a teenager when starting 13. Some say it starts at ten since "teen" is another way of saying ten. But you don't actually say "teen" when counting until you reach 13.

What does it mean when you are ten years old and a thirteen year old gives you his jacket when it rains?

It could mean he's trying to be nice to you. Say thank you.

What is the 10 tail beast name?

I cant say about the person who has it name but the ten tails name is JuubI

Can you give me ten paragraphs on sexual intercourse?


What were michaelangelos top ten achievements?

his achievements were nice

An Adjective that describe the ten commandments?