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Synergists muscles in a bench press are triceps and anterior deltoids. When performing a bench press if an athlete wants to make sure that most of the load will be distributed on his/hers pectoralis major (chest muscles) make sure to contract those muscles before the actual push...otherwise synergists will do big part of the work.

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Q: What are synergists muscles in the bench press?
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What muscles does the incline bench press work?

the incline bench press focuses on the upper pectorals, and the upper back and shoulder muscles.

What muscles are used in a bench press?

The muscles that are used in bench dips are your front deltiods, your pectorals, your triceps and your abdominal muscles

What muscles does the bench press train?

The pec muscles,chest and tricips.

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Is bench press bad for baseball players?

Standard bench press is not necessarily bad for baseball players, however, it is not the smartest exercise. Baseball requires long, lean muscles whereas the standard bench press builds small, tight muscles. The best form of bench press for baseball players is dumbell bench press because it requires the utilization of the stabilizer muscles in both arms and, therefore, strengthens the forearms, biceps, and triceps while maintaining long, lean muscles.

What are the muscles used in the military bench press?

rear deltoids.

What muscles are used for narrow bench press?

Triceps and Pectorals

What do you do bench press for?

You bench press because you want to build the muscles of pectoralis major or the triceps. This exercise is good for your chest and triceps.

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What are synergists of the soleus muscles?

The gastrocnemius is a synergist of the soleus.

What are muscles that assist a prime mover called?


Muscles that assist the prime mover muscles in performing movement are called?


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