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Q: What are sports shoes made out of?
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In what sports are shoes made from metal?

rugby and grid iron

What brands of shoes does Champs Sports sell?

Champs Sports sells different types of sports shoes. They sell women's and men's boots, running shoes, casual shoes, and sandals and slides. They also sell men's basketball shoes.

What kind of shoes does Sports Direct sell?

Sports direct, which is a high quality sports store, sells many different varieties of shoes. These include, but are not limited to, tennis shoes, cleats, spikes, and leisure shoes.

What shoes are popular sports shoes for men?

Nike Air Prest Shoes

What types of shoes are sold by Etonic?

The Etonic company mainly sells different types of sports shoes. Some examples of sports shoes that they sell include golf shoes, bowling shoes, and running shoes.

What is sold by The Sports Zone?


What are runners sports shoes?


What are sports shoes called?


Where can I buy new track and field shoes?

Most stores specializing in sports equipment will carry shoes that are specifically made for track and field. Some examples of stores that will carry them are Dick's, Play It Again Sports, and Sports Authority. In addition, their are many online retailers that carry track and field shoes. Try looking at, or

What shoes do guys wear?

sports shoes...sometimes leather shoes i guess, trainers and the like

In which shop are airwalk shoes available?

Airwalk shoes can be purchased directly from the brand's website as well as from stores selling sports shoes such as Payless or Foot Locker. In addition, online stores that sell sports apparel and shoes such as Sports Direct do also offer them.

Why should you use rubber shoes for sports activities?

Rubbere shoes are usually more comfortable and suited for vigorous sports activities

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