What are some words used in sports?

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foul red card get to the bench

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Q: What are some words used in sports?
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What are some slang words used in team sports?

Feed the big man! A Technique used commonly in basketball!

What are some miscellaneous sports words?


What are words that can be used in sports?

Active Recreational Fit

What are some sports words that begin with the letter L?


What are some 6 syllable words for sport?

physical athletics

What are some Athletic words starting with the letter B?

By "athletic words," do you mean words that work out a lot or words that are good at sports?

What are some constantly used words?

Some constantly used words are: the, like, and

Most common words used in sports?

Score, Pass, minutes, seconds, overtime

What were some roman sports?

Roman sports are bloody sports that Romans used to do in the old days for entertainment. Some fought to the death and in small cities some fought until injured. Gladiator Fighting!!! :)

What are specialized vocabulary words on sports?

Each sport has its own words. Some are shared between sports as well. Some examples:Baseball:bases loadedbatter's boxbuntchange upfly ballgrand slamFootballaudiblebackfieldblowoutchuck and duckdime backfalse startHockeyapplebluelinerclippingdivefloppergoonSoccerbooterfifty-fiftygoalkeepershutoutspot kickwall-pass

What words that are related to sports that start with letter c?

Carts are golf sports equipment. Cleats are football equipment used in football, baseball and soccer.

What are some sports words that begin with the letter J?

Sports words that start with the letter j:javelin throw (track & field)journeyman (boxing)judojump ball (basketball)jump shot (basketball)

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