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The Highest Paying Trucking Jobs Are:

  1. Ice Road Trucking

This type of trucking is the highest paid type of trucking job. The reason for this however is due to the dangerous nature of such a job. This job consists of driving across frozen icy roads in northern Canada to deliver cargo to miners in the winter. The drivers who operate these types of CMV’s have to be highly skilled and qualified for the position. Most truckers who apply for ice trucking positions are denied because each shipping company’s qualifications are so high.

If you do somehow manage to meet their criteria and get hired as an ice road truck driver, you can expect it to be worth your while. While the work is seasonal, you can earn between $30,000 and $40,000 in as little as 3 months.

  1. Hazmat Hauling

Hazmat Hauling is compensated well because it tends to be another one of the more dangerous types of trucking jobs available. Transporting hazardous materials including gases, flammable liquids and corrosive substances comes with it’s own set of dangers on the road. Delivering these goods safely takes extra care and can’t be performed by just anybody. In order to haul hazardous materials you are required to obtain an endorsement in addition to your CDL, this endorsement is acquired by passing a test and paying a fee.

Because hazmat hauling drivers are in such high demand you can typically find companies willing to pay your endorsement fees to get you certified.

  1. Tanker Hauling

Aside from hazardous liquids, there are many liquids in need of transportation that don’t pose extra danger to the truck driver. These would be non-flammable liquids like milk or water. A very large amount of these liquids is less dangerous than hazardous ones, but still challenging to transport and requires a skilled driver to deliver the goods safely and effectively.

This is another trucking job that will require a CDL and an endorsement on top of that. Typically you will need either an N endorsement or an X endorsement. Once you’re certified to drive a tanker truck you can expect to earn around $60,000 a year.

  1. Oversize Load Hauling

We’ve all been behind an oversize load unable to pass such a large truck at times. This trucking job deals with the largest loads that can be shipped, typically they contain things like construction equipment or even a small house. Pulling such a massive load onboard your truck requires a high level of skill and while an oversized load doesn't require any additional endorsements or certifications, you do have to consider other endorsements needed if the load contains any hazardous materials or liquids.

Truckers hauling oversized loads make an average of $55,000 per year. However, it's possible to make upwards of $90,000 with the right company. These jobs are known for their competitive pay.

  1. Luxury Car Hauling

Luxury cars are incredibly expensive. It only makes sense to pay the delivery driver of this expensive cargo a proper wage to ensure its delivered safely to its destination, right? Transporting luxury cars is known to earn the truck driver up to $100,000 each year under the right conditions.

Delivering an expensive car can be meticulous work. Even if you think you fit the bill, it can be incredibly difficult to even get hired for this kind of trucking job without an extensive and very impressive driving record. While you will have to demonstrate your skills in the field, you don't actually need any additional certifications to perform this job.

  1. Team Driving

Team driving is where a company will hire drivers in pairs, one partner drives as the other sleeps, trading off driving time to increase the distance they can travel in a set time. This type of position pays more than a solo job because the mileage is much higher. Team driving jobs, like oversized loads are often found offering competitive pay.

The downsides to team driving can be summed up in the following categories:

Much longer stretches away from home

You will be stuck with your partner whether you like them or not

Close quarters for long periods of time

  1. Owner Operator Jobs

While it’s more common to find truckers who work for a larger trucking company, there are other ways. Owner-operators purchase their own trucks and trailers to operate independently, or even lease their equipment to a different company. This is opposed to how most drivers use equipment that belongs to their company of employment.

Owning your own trucking equipment is considerably more expensive due to the initial expense of the equipment and the maintenance costs which all come out of pocket. Working in such an independent nature comes with higher expenses, but also can yield a higher reward.

We can get you started driving in as little as four weeks! Give us a call at (801) 327-8697 or visit [www. ctctrucking .com] to apply as a driver.

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The best driving jobs seem to be driving a big truck. There are many advantages to driving a big truck such as travelling, good pay, and time off. One advantage is that there will always be a need for truck drivers.

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Some well paid drivers jobs in the US include Ice Road Truckers, Mining Dump Druck Drivers and NASCAR Drivers. You can find average salaries for driving jobs at the Salary website.

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Q: What are some well paid drivers jobs in the US?
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