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Well, stretching releases endorphens that help give you energy. If this happens often, get more sleep at night. A healthy diet makes a great improvement in energy also.

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Q: What are some ways to boost your energy and enthusiasm if you are tired before playing a game of basketball?
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What kind of energy do you burn when playing basketball?

Kenetic, potential.

What can you have before basketball that will give you LOTS of energy?


How much energy do you use when you're playing basketball?

heaps ay

How do you spell energy?

That is the correct spelling of "energy" (power, force, or enthusiasm).

Soccer or basketball?

That is a hard question to answer as I like both sports. I have only played on a soccer team before and really enjoyed the experience though I enjoy playing basketball in spare time with my brother or friends. Both use up your energy though!!

What does the prefix en mean?

A prefix meaning "within, in," occurring in loanwords from Greek: energy; enthusiasm. Also, before labial consonants,em-.

What is an example of a sentence with waned in it?

My interest waned before the end of Act I.His enthusiasm waned when the work got hard.The teacher's energy waned after lunch.

What is the absence of oomph?

The absence of "oomph" ..means to lack enthusiasm or energy.

What emotions are associated with the colour orange?

Joy, energy, enthusiasm, vigour.

What is the meaning of lackdaisical?

Lackadaisical:without much enthusiasm, energy, or effort

What is another word for zeal?

Enthusiasm, drive, excitement, ambition, energy.

What is a synonym for exuberance?

enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness, energy, high spirits, cheerfulness

What is an anagram for lean?

Elan is the word; it means something with energy, style, and enthusiasm.

What are the kinetic-potential energy conversions that occur when you bounce a basketball?

When you bounce a basket ball, Before you let go of the ball as long as it is in your hands the ball as potential energy once you throw it down or let it fall by itself it has kinetic energy! The moment it hits the ground potential energy becomes zero and the ball bounces when it is stopped by your hands The kinetic energy becomes zero and Potential energy becomes maximum The cycle goes on! -- When the basketball is in your hand, before it is dropped, it has full potential energy. Once that basketball is released from your hands, the potential energy is going to convert to kinetic energy (energy conversions). Right before the ball hits the ground, it has 100% kinetic energy, but the second the ball hits the ground it has 100% potential energy because it has no motion for the little time it is on the ground. When the basketball is bounced back up, the kinetic energy decreases while the potential energy increases. Then the ball reaches your hand and all of the energy is back to potential. This cycle continues. Do not forget that some of the energy when you bounce the basketball is transferred into sound energy ( when the ball hits the ground it creates sound).

What kind of energy is there when you bounce a basketball?

Kinetic energy

Sentence for energy?

Athletes eat carbohydrates because they're a good source of energy. Her endless energy and enthusiasm make her a spectacular aerobics instructor.

Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

What exercise will enable you to perform daily tasks with an increased amount of energy and enthusiasm?


What are synonyms for animation?

liveliness, energy, spirit, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, zest, verve

What are the energy systems being used when playing basketball?

CP System- Creatine Phosphate Lactic acid system- Produces lactic acid Aerobic system- Efficent producer of energy

What are the percentages of the three different energy levels used in basketball?

Off the cout 0% Going hard 100% Playing right 200%

What are the energy systems in basketball?

Psychologically basketball requires energy from the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This combination of energy requirements is often refered to as an intergration of energy systems on a continuum over time.

Which ball has the greatest kinetic energy a marble basketball beach ball or a table tennis ball?

the basketball will have more potential energy than the rest due to its weight.

What does basketball have to do with physical science?

in basketball a lot of kinetic and potential energy happens.

How do you mange person who always show energy and enthusiasm for their work as they are consistently eyeing for attention of their superior given their ambition for promotion?

Energy and enthusiasm is contagious should utilize this persons enthusiasm and energy to work on others to raise the performance of the team and also raise the level of this persons performance. We will be certainly benefiting the organization, in any case the evaluation should be done on the set parameters of appraisals continuously and to reward the best. Bala