What are some uses for a cutting torch?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Cutting torches can be used in a large variety of ways. Most of the time, people use cutting torches in order to cut metal, which is nearly impossible to cut with normal household items. Use of a cutting torch would come in handy when building something using pieces of metal, such as a metal shed or some sort of door, like that of a garage. Remember to always wear the proper safety gear when using cutting torches!

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Q: What are some uses for a cutting torch?
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Which gas burns the hottest when cutting torch is used?

oxygen supports the combustion of the gas that one uses in the welding/cutting torch. Acetylene combined with Oxygen produces the hottest flame.

What arethe uses of a torch?

The word "Torch" has various meanings. The usual use is to provide light. But if you mean cutting-torch then it's used to cut various metalic materials, usually steel.

Can a 91 camaro be concerted to 4x4?

With a cutting torch and a welder and some imagination, anything is possible.

Where can I find a cutting torch and accessories for sale online?

You can order cutting torch and accessories at Beleive it or not you can also find torches and accessories at

How hot can a cutting torch get?

Oxygen Acetylene torch will get to 5800-6300 degrees Fahrenheit easily.

How do you decommission guns?

By cutting them with a cutting torch so that the receiver is in at least 3 pieces.

Can I only use a cutting torch for metals?

A cutting torch can be used on any material though it was made mainly for cutting metals. The heat generated may damage other materials such as wood or plastic.

What is an alcohol torch?

An alcohol torch is a stove/torch that uses a fuel from the alcohol family.

How do you remove imobiliser?

Last time I did it was with a cutting torch.

How the lighting procedure for a cutting torch?

Please see the link.

How do you remove a rusted trailer hitch?

A cutting torch is one answer.

What is a good brand of a cutting torch?

A good brand for cutting torch is rigid at home depot. They make quality products that lasts and have good warranties if the item should break or malfunction on you.