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they have some weird things over ther. but the most unusual is probably soccer

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Q: What are some unusual sports in cuba?
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What are some sports cuba plays?


What would be considered an unusual sports product?

An unusual sports product would be considered as an unusual sports product would be cricket.

What are some customs and traditions of Cuba?

commuinism;sports,and music

All the sports played in Cuba?

Many American sports are played in the streets of Cuba like Baseball, Basketball , and Soccer. Boxing is a very popular sport in Cuba but Cuba has many water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and fishing.

What do people do for a living in Cuba?

the thing people do for a living in cuba is sports

What are major sports in Cuba?

Cuba's most popular sport is baseball.

How many people in Cuba actually participate in some form of sports each year?

I don't know exactly the amount of people that practice them every year, but I can surely tell you that everybody is involved in some form of sports in Cuba due to our active character and everlasting enthusiasm, despite the struggles faced everyday. The national sport of Cuba is Baseball though, as you may know. For more details about sports in Cuba,refer to the sites in the related links.

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Popular sports in Cuba?

boxing and baseball.

What sport do they play in Cuba?

BoxingBaseball in CubaStreet Sports in CubaWater Sports in CubaAthletics in CubaAssociation football

What sports does Cuba play and watch?

nothing interesting

Name some of cuba's sports?

Baseball, football, boxing,basketball,soccer,windsurfing,snorkelling,diving,surfing,fishing

What sports do people do in Cuba?

Cuba is a bad, bad nation because communists are bad because america says so. sports are illegal there because communists outlaw fun and sports are generally percieved by the governing authorites as fun.

What are some unusual sports that are famous in hispanic countries?

Latino* Hispanic is a word that comes from Hispania which is Spain/Catalonia and Portugal.

What are the sports of Cuba?

The national sport is baseball, although other ball sports like soccer are practiced.

Why is Cricket not a popular sports in Cuba?

Cricket is an english sport

What are the most popular sports in Cuba?

Baseball, Jai Alai, and boxing.

How many jobs involve sports?

Around 17. 18 if your from Cuba.

What are the most unusual sports played in Switzerland?

Schwingen (Alpine Wrestling)

Unusual German sports?

Beer drinking(and yes it is a sport) :D

Which unusual sport is played in Maine?

Maine doesnt have a unusual sport really. It has basically all the same sports all the other states do.

What sports are played in Cuba?

Baseball, Jai Alai, and boxing are the most popular.

What are some enemy countries of Cuba?

the eniems of cuba is Mexico