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Volleyball is translated as 'voleibol' in Spanish

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Q: What are some terms in Spanish for the sport of volleyball?
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Is volleyball the best sport?

Depends on your preference. Some people might love volleyball, some soccer, some gymnastics, etc.

Why is volleyball a sport?

b/c some smart guy invented it and people liked it

Is volleyball a sport?

b/c some smart guy invented it and people liked it

What are some sport teams in northwest territory?

canoeing, badminton, bball,volleyball

What are super awesome girl sports?

Any sport is a girl sport, some exzamples are volleyball, crew, softball, trak, basketball and so on.

Who is the most famous spanish volleyball player?

There are several famous Spanish volleyball players. Some of these include Hector Soto, Virginia Cardona, Ernesto Rodriguez, as well as Luis Pedro Suela.

Is volleyball a popular sport?

HELL yes! Second-ish most popular! Because volleyball is a lot of fun!! but only in some places its more of a matter of opinion

Is volleyball a girl sport?

Both men and women play indoor and beach volleyball. There are few competitive co-ed teams. There are more women's NCAA volleyball teams than men's. Mostly women play volley-ball but men can also play for fun or to compete with may other men who love to play volley-ball also.

Why is volleyball considered a team sport?

Because when there is more than one person involved, it is considered a 'team' sport. In the sport of volleyball there are six players on each team, there is a minimum of four required to start and continue a game. In beach volleyball, there are two teams of two players.

How does volelyball help the world?

well, lots of people like myself live playing the sport so i think that volleyball makes the world happier. Some likes to watch the game, some love to play. It's a good sport.

What are some of the sports played at Notre Dame University?

Sport has a significant presence at Notre Dame University. Some of the headline sports played are basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, hockey and athletics.

Who are some promoters for volleyball?

For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter