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Skydiving, parasailing, car racing, egg drop competitions.

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Q: What are some sports using parachutes?
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What are some sports that use parachutes?

Parachuting aka skyjumping, paragliding, drag racing.

What are some uses of parachutes?

some uses of parachutes are:safety recration and military uses

What are some trial Olympic sports?

The Olympic demonstration sports can be found by using the link to the Wikipedia article on Olympic Sports.

How does Primrose die in Mockingjay?

Primrose dies when she comes to treat Capitol children after the rebels bomb them using silver parachutes. Some did not blow up and when she arrived, they exploded and killed her.Then the Capitol hovercrafts send down more bomb parachutes, Primrose then completely bursts into flames.

What are advantages of Parachutes?

The biggest advantage of using a parachute is that it keeps you from becoming flat and dead.

What are some different types of parachutes?

terps and volunators

What sports involve speed?

almost all sports involve some kind of speed, whether it is the player themselves or the object they are using

How do you say parachutes in french?

Its still parachutes.

How big are parachutes?

Parachutes come in varying sizes.

When was Parachutes created?

Parachutes was created in 1920-11.

What are some quotes about knowledge?

minds are like parachutes they only function when open.

Are parachutes unfameable?

They can be if you pay a little extra.US parachutes are unflameable.

Did the atomic bomb have a parachute on it?

neither of the atomic bombs used in ww2 on japan had parachutes, they were free fall gravity bombs. however some later atomic bomb designs did have parachutes.

Why do dandilion parachute seeds have parachutes?

They have parachutes so they could fly

What track is shiver on parachutes?

Shiver is the second track on the album Parachutes.

What objects can parachutes drag?

Objects with a density lower than 1.00. Find this by using the formula Density=Mass divided by Volume.

What were parachutes made of in ww2?

Parachutes were made of woven nylon fabric in WW2

How many rocket parachutes carried in each life raft?

four parachutes

What were some popular sports 100 years ago?

Type your answer here... popular sports were hockey and dodgeball but instead of using balls they used part of human bodies and soccer.

Did some German paratroopers experiment with jumping out of planes without parachutes?

The idea is pure nonsense.

Why speed of parachutes becomes constant?

Terminal velocity. When the parachutes cannot fall any faster.

What does gravity have to do with parachutes?

Air makes parachutes possible. Gravity makes them necessary.

How do you stop a raw egg from breaking from a 2 story drop without using parachutes or latex products?

put water where it will drop, a lot of water

What are some dangers of skydiving?

mid air collision, parachute not opening, double malfunction on both main and reserve parachutes; that's some of them

Why Boeing plane and jet plane have no parachutes?

Because passenger planes a not equipped with parachutes unlike fighters.