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soccer, hockey, football, lacross, Rugby, Baseball

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Q: What are some sports that are played between two teams of five players or more at a time?
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What Olympic sport is played on ice between two teams?

Ice Hockey and curling are Olympic sports played on ice between two teams.

What does a sports attorney do?

A sports attorney provides legal advice and service to sports people and those working in sports. They may handle disputes between sports players and the teams they play for.

Difference between individual and dual sports?

Individual sports: Individuals directly compete against one another Team Sports: Groups of players (teams), compete against other teams.

How many sports players in teams in the US overwork their players in percent?


Which sports have two players on a team?

bowling teams sometimes do

Should sports be banned from colleges?

No because if they do then pro teams can't really get players on their teams

How many players are in Cricket game?

A cricket match is played between 2 teams, each team consisting of 11 players.

How many players have to be on a football field at one time?

It is played between two teams of 11.

Which sports have teams with nine players?

Im pretty sure baseball is the only sport with nine players

What hotel do sports teams stay at?

Sports players don't tell fans where their staying and rightfully so ...

How many competitors are there in curling?

A curling match is played between two teams of four players each.

What is the prefix for outside?

The usual prefix is inter, as in the difference between intramural sports - those played by teams all of whom are part of the same school - and intermural sports, played by teams from different schools, which is to say, those which are outside of the school where you are.

Is there any sports players or famous teams in Kenya?

no i dont believe that their is any

Are there any sports teams that require ten players?

soccer requires 10

What two teams compete every year in baseball's All-Star Game?

The All-Star game is played between players of the American League against players from the National League. Starting players are elected by popular vote by fans and players. All MLB teams must have a least one player represented in the game and the teams are managed by the previous season's World Series teams managers.

What do professional sports teams depend on for success?

Good players, good coaches and funding.

What is a international soccer game?

An "international" is a game played between teams representing their countries - the players are not playing for their usual clubs.

How do you get to play for the NFL when you did not play college football?

Most NFL teams will have open tryouts. Including players who were not drafted, players from semi-pro teams, free agents and players from other sports. Notable NFL players who never played college football are Antonio Gates (San Diego Tight End who played Basketball in college) and Carlton Hasselrig (Pittsburgh Linebacker who Wrestled in college).

Why did sports players receive salary caps?

To ensure that teams do not overspend, and to have a more equal amount of $ for teams regardless of the location they're in.

What is grassroot sports?

sports played at a local level, normally younger teams as well

What is a competition among schools called?

Competition between teams from different schools is called intermural sports and competition between teams from the same school is called intramural sports.

What Players played for 6 premiership teams?

chris judd

How many NHL players have played on all of the original six teams?

None - wrong Vic Lynn did between 1942 and 1962

What sport has a team with 8 players?

Polo is played with two teams of 4 players each, totaling eight players.

What is Montanas sports teams?

joe Montana played for the 49ers