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People bet on all sports. Baseball, Basketball, American football, soccer, hockey ... it doesn't matter.

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Q: What are some sports people bet on?
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Which sports do people bet on?

People bet on almost any sport in the world. It depends on many things, like what sports are the big ones where they live, what sports they particularly like, what sports they think they have a good chance of winning something on and what sports they can find someone to take their bet on. Some sports are very big for betting on around the world, like horse racing.

What are some tips when betting on sports?

People bet on sports for different reasons, whether it being just to have fun or to make a little extra money. The best tips for betting on sports is to never bet more than you have, never gamble while intoxicated, and check the odds.

Name something people bet on?

Horse races, sports, card games

Which sports can you bet on when using Bet Fred?

When using Bet Fred, you can bet on sports such as soccer, horse racing, tennis, cricket, basketball, golf, football, hockey, boxing, cycling, darts, rugby, motor sports and cycling.

Can you bet on sports in Canada?

Yes, why not.

What sports do chinise people do?

some same sports as british people

What channel are the BET awards show on?

OMG!! The bet awards is on BET channel 61 or 329. How dumb can some people be!?

Can you bet on sports in Biloxi Mississippi?

No, not legally!

Do they play any sports?

Some people play sports, who are they?

What are some facts about extreme sports?

That people do extreme sports

What is a good bet to make with the girl you are dating on a sports game?

Any bet that you will lose.

Why do people love to play sports?

Some people are gifted at sports and some like to stay healthy and fit.

What sports does sky bet allow you to bet?

Sky bet allows you to bet on many sports including football, tennis, cricket, snooker, horse races, rugby and much more. Basically if it is a decently popular sport you can be ton it on this site.

What age can you legally bet on sports?

At the age of 18

What is sky bet and its uses?

Sky Bet is the sports division of a British gambling company known as Sky Betting and Gaming. Sky Bet is primarily used for online betting on various sports games.

Why are so many people interested in sports?

Sports are fun to some people, and they make you healthy

Where online can one bet for free?

Free online betting is available via Bet Bomb, Free Bet Online, Free Sports Bet (for certain bets/sports), OLBG, Cent Sports, and Free Bets. In addition most odds makers and betting establishments will offer limited time only free betting.

Why do people find some sports boring?

Because Sports is essentially boring.

What sports can one bet on at the VCBet site?

The sports that one can bet on at the VCBet site includes American football, Boxing, Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Golf, Cricket, Rugby and a variety of other sports.

How long do you have to claim sports bet ticket?

10 years

Are any of the people bad who answer?

if i can put what i want i bet some of them are bad

What sports can one bet on at the Bet Online website?

The Bet Online website takes bets on all major sporting events. The most common betting sports include horse racing, rugby, soccer, tennis, cricket and golf.

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