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BW3 is one of the best sports bars to go to far all sports. They also have Champs and Cleats which also focus on all sports including soccer.

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Q: What are some sports bar franchises in the US that cater to soccer fans?
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Which sports have the most fans?

Soccer by far, about 3.7 billion fans worldwide

What sports are popular in kiribati?

soccer, most countries are big fans of soccer.

Are there any sports bars in New York City that cater to Red Sox fans during baseball season?

There are very few sports bars that only cater to Red Sox fans in New York City. Some can be found though for NYC residents that support the red sox.

Why do people in italy hate sports?

They don't. The Italians are very big Soccer fans.

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The Cowboys are one of the world's most popular and valuable sports franchises, particularly in the area of merchandising.

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You probably meant "How many fans does soccer have worldwide?".

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What are the national sports of Australia?

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Does Italy have a lot of soccer fans?

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What are the Ultras known for?

The Ultras are a group of almost fanatical sports fans. Usually these are European football (known as soccer in the US) fans. They are also known to be in other countries, such as Egypt.

What is the percentage of sports fans?

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When was Midwest Sports Fans created?

Midwest Sports Fans was created in 2008.

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Does soccer have more fans than American football?

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Which sport has the most fans?


How many soccer fans?

A lot

What makes soccer important?

The Fans!

Which soccer player is the most well known?

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How many people play hockey?

A whole lot less than soccer. But then very few sports fans in North America care about soccer anyway. But then EVERYONE in Europe care about soccer and soccer is growing a lot in the states. It is unknown because hockey is not a well publicized sport because men's sports dominate the media. IT IS UNFAIR AND UNJUST!