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car wash Answer: $1.00 Chances on $100.00 Gas Card. My League did this for 2 weeks and made over $2500.00. We challenged each of our 15 teams to sell a minimum of 50 tickets. The team that sold the most tickets won a swimming/Pizza party, the team that sold the least had garbage duty for a week at the Baseball fields. I know that the garbage duty thing sounds extreme but it was all done with good humor and intentions and all coaches happily agreed before we began the fundraiser. Think about it, 12 players per team and 3 coaches, that's fifteen total. If each player and coach sales only 10 a piece that is $150.00 per team. The great thing about this fundraiser is there is no upfront expense we simply purchased the gas card the same day we did the drawing, plus it puts the work of the fundraiser in every participants hands not only the few that do most everything.

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First of all, congrats on getting your fundraising started! Raising support for a worthy cause can be super rewarding. But obviously, if you're not an official non-profit, it can be really tricky finding a good way to build support for your cause.

One route you might want to consider: setting up a homepage for your group on a fundraising website. Having a group homepage online makes organizing and fundraising infinitely easier ... And though the majority of fundraising sites require you have official non-profit status, many good ones only require that you are a group - and will give you plenty of the tools you need.

For example, one good site is Meet Up (, who allow you to fundraise directly to your account, and register a group without having an official non-profit status - and they cover groups around the world, while giving you some tools to do event management. But the tools they offer are a little limited outside of fundraising.

Another good option would be (, a platform that also helps small groups fundraise and organize (regardless of non-profit status). They also work for international groups - and offer a fair amount of useful tools, like the ability to organize your group or to create volunteer activities and fundraising campaigns for more targeted ways to raise support.

Or you could always try to send up your own PayPal account to link to you directly to help you fundraise, but this is a little trickier and a bit inflexible.

Good luck getting started moving forward! Hope that helped.


you could sell t-shirts that have your team logo on it

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Q: What are some softball fundraiser ideas?
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What are some ideas for school wide projects?

you can do something to do with recycling or do a fundraiser.

What are some examples of the most common types of church fundraiser ideas?

Typical church fundraising ideas include walks, auctions, and bake sales. Every fundraiser comes with its own unique twist and appeal to different people.

What are some creative ideas for a fundraiser for people in need?

maybe a bake sell or maybe car wash

What is a sentence for fundraiser?

The fundraiser was very successful.We will start a fundraiser to help you cover the costs.

What are some ideas for a school to do as a fund raising project for sports teams?

If you go to, you will see over 50 fundraiser ideas. Just get your committee together and decide what you think will work for you.

What are some effective fundraising ideas?

I have 2 daughters in 2 different schools, and they have fundraisers often at each school. In one school, they have a magazine fundraiser, and then they also have a candy fundraiser. IN my other daughters school, they have a wrapping paper fundraiser at the start of the year, and then they also sell unique kitchen gadgets closer to the end of the school year.

My mom is dying i have maby 2 weeks to raise money for her funeral im going to do a fundraiser can you help me with some ideas?

Car wash, donations, door to door selling.

How do you sell a fundraiser?

You can do this easily as long as the event is unique, timely, and interesting. For more ideas, you can visit sites such as Phoneraiser.

How to star you fundraiser for nonprofit?

I would start by going to fund raiser help website. They have many ideas on how to get started.

To get a fundraiser approved what questions might you be asked?

you ight be asked how much money will you be asking for, when is it-day and time, what are some materials will you need, what are some prizes-if there is some, and who will help with the fundraiser....

What are some dog fundraiser names?

dogy style

What are some High School fundraiser ideas?

Ask the local mall if they will allow you to give a series of concert in the mall. Then you can charge about five dollars for each person and you will have all that money as profit to help you out.