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they are both Basketball teams

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Q: What are some similarities between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat?
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Who is favored to win the playoff series between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls?

In my opinion, Chicago Bulls were. But they didn't. It's ok though because the Bulls will be ready next year.

Who is better the Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls?

miami XD

Which is a better team - Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls......... but the Heat beat Bulls 1-4 in the eastern conference

Who is better Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls?

Miami Heat by far!

Who won the Miami Heat vs Chicago bulls game tonight?

In the Miami and Chicago series, Miami won 4-1.

Who win the competition Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls now 2011?

In the Miami and Chicago series, Miami won 4-1.

When does Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls in game 2 in 2011?

In the Miami and Chicago series, Miami won 4-1.

What team is better the Chicago bulls or the Miami Heat?

both but bulls put drose is good but bulls

Which team is better the Chicago bulls or the Miami Heats?


Who did the Chicago Bulls lose to in the 2006 Playoffs?

Miami Heat

Is Lebron James going to the Chicago Bulls?

No. He is going on Miami Heat.

Did Miami Heat win in 1998?

They did not win the NBA Championship, the Chicago Bulls did.

Between Miami Heat vs the chicago bulls who won the most games from 2011 to 2012?

maimi heat won the most games because they are hard

What is the worlds best basketball team?

Miami heat, chicago bulls, atlanta hawks

Is Lebron James interested in the Miami Heat?

No he wants to go to Chicago Bulls with Kentucky head coach

What is the schedule for the Chicago Bulls?

The next upcoming games for the Chicago Bulls are Against Miami Heat and will take Place on: Friday, May 10, Monday May 13, Wednesday May 15, Friday May 17 and when needed, Sunday May 19. A full schedule for the Chicago Bulls can be downloaded from their website.

What is the time difference between Chicago and Miami?

When it is noon in Miami (EST) it is 11:00 AM in Chicago (CST).

If you are a Chicago Bulls fan do you think the Bulls will win the 2011-2012 Championship?

No, until they figure out how to get over the hump known as the Miami Heat, the Bulls won't beat them this year. But hope is not lost yet though.

Who stop the streak of the Miami Heat?

If you mean during the 2012-2013 season, Chicago (Bulls) stopped the streak.

Did Micheal Jordan play for the heat?

he played for the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards, so yes.

What is the distance between Chicago and Miami?

The total distance from Chicago, IL to Miami, FL is 1,187 miles.

What lowest points scored nba game?

49 by the Chicago Bulls vs the Miami Heat on April 10, 1999

Who did the 1996 Chicago bulls lose too?

1995-1996 Chicago Bulls loses: Regular season; Orlando, Seattle, Indiana (twice), Denver, Phoenix, Miami, New York, Toronto, Charlotte Playoffs; New York, Seattle (twice)

What are the biggest rivalries for the Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat is a professional men's basketball team in the eastern conference of the NBA. The Miami Heat's biggest rivalries include the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics.

What are the name of most known basketball teams?

L.A. Lakers Chicago Bulls Miami Heat Boston Celtics N.Y. Knicks