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Q: What are some reasons for fingernails to chip?
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How can nailpolish stay on your fingernails?

nailpolish chips off because the oil in your fingernails make air bubbles and chip the polish. you can buy creams for that or use a base coat befor applying nailpolish

What does a 556 timer chip do?

A: this chip is defined as a timer but it can be used for other reasons and applications.

Why can some people bend their fingertips?

Their fingernails could be weak.

Is it bad if you don't have lunula on fingernails?

no, some people have them, and some people dont. simple as that....:)

What is the Name of five fingernails?


What can you do for a child that picks their fingernails out?

you duct tape their fingernails and when they forget that the pick their fingernails and then its all done

Are fingernails proximal to the wrist?

The fingernails are distal to the wrist. The wrist is proximal to the fingernails.

Why do who have fingernails?

People's fingernails are designed to protect the ends of our fingers, which are much more delicate than fingernails are.

Which collects more bacteria fingernails or toenails?

Fingernails generally collect more bacteria than toenails, as hands are used more frequently and come into contact with surfaces that may harbor bacteria. Additionally, hands are more prone to exposure to dirt, food, and other potential sources of bacteria.

Do proboscis monkeys have flat fingernails?

they do have flat fingernails

Are fingernails carbon sinks?

Although fingernails are made of a protein called keratin which contains carbon, they are not significant carbon sinks. The amount of carbon stored in fingernails is relatively small compared to other carbon sinks in nature such as forests or oceans.

What are some unique designs for fingernails?

Right now there are many different fads in the designs for fingernails. Some of them are lepord printing, Ombre design as well as bright neon colours. IT all depends on your person style and taste.