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Q: What are some really facts about Pole vaulting?
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Do you have to wear a helmet for pole vaulting in Ohio?

No, some do some don't.

How long is a pole used in pole vaulting in feet?

I am a pole vaulter and i use a 12 foot pole but it can range from 9 to in the Olympic some times 18

What does people use in track events?

Some use a javelin, others use a shot put. Still others use a vaulting pole.

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Sushi is his fave food, fave color is green, fave ice cream is Rocky Road, fave sport is Pole Vaulting.

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Which sport uses the stomach muscle?

I know that both gymnastics and dancing use them a lot but I think some others do aswell.Pole Vaulting.

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pole vaulting, wiffle ballHe likes bowling also he likes to play soccer tooplaying guitar and bowling

What are some really really really facts about the planet Saturn?

It is a planet, it is called saturn, it has some rings etc.

Can surcingles help Vaulting?

A surcingle is a MUST for vaulting, it simply cannot be done without one. All vaulting surcingles have handles (which may vary in shape) however some surcingles have straps that allow you to put your feet in them and do more freestyle movements. A good place to buy a surcingle specifically for vaulting would be Pegasus Vaulting Supply. Go to their website and they have everything you'll need besides a horse!

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Vaulting items are a good way to get upgrades. You cab get bonuses such as +6 energy, +2 stamina, and +5 defense by vaulting items.

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Non of your Buisness Twirp!

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aerwgahvjerkeregyhjkergyujikl;' I really don't know

What are some techniques for pole vault?

Look up the Vitaly Petrov for a very good technique. There are other ways of vaulting from this as well. One can use a double leg swing to reach a high hip triangle on the pole. From there, American vaulters use a tuck and shoot method for their top end. Finally one can either turn by turning their hip to their hand or rotating their one foot over their other foot.