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this site is not giving me any information i need for my project on the battle of marathon it cant even give me a quote .... what a useless site i know not to use it anymore

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Q: What are some quotes on the battle of marathon?
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Where can you get quotes for battle of marathon?

Look up Herodotos Histories.

When did plutarch write the battle of marathon?

500 years after the battle of marathon

2 pictures that represent the battle of Marathon?

Look up : Battle of Marathon by Brian Palmer Also type in picture battle of marathon

Where was the Ancient Greek battle of the marathon held?

The Ancient Greek Battle of Marathon(490B.C.) took place in the bay of marathon

In what year did the Battle of Marathon take place?

The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. The battle took place in Marathon, Greece. It was a battle between the citizens of Athens, and the Persians.

What are quotes from battle of saratoga?

some quotes like "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes" was a famous one said by general Burgoyne,

What are some important quotes in battle of the labyrinth?

Oops, not that way!

When did the marathon happen?

The Battle of Marathon occurred in 490 BC .

When did the battle of marathon start?

The Battle of Marathon started in 490 BC. A couple years after the Persian Wars

Which happened first- battle of Marathon or battle of Platea?

Marathon 490 BCE. Plataea 479 BCE.

When did the Greeks win the battle of Marathon?

The Battle of Marathon was won by Athens and its ally Plataia in 490 BCE.

Was pan is the battle of marathon?

The presence of Pan , the mythological Greek god , at the Battle of Marathon was not recorded by historians .