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Q: What are some questions people ask Bethany Hamilton?
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Who are some of Bethany Hamilton's best friends?

Alana Blanchard and Sarah (don't know her last name)

Where does Bethany Hamilton surf?

Several places, and some of her competitions take place around the world. But she surfs the most in Hawaii, for she lives there

How popular is the name Bethany?

Well...Bethany isn't a popular name like Emily, but some people have that name.

What are the minor characters in the book soul surfer?

Some of the minor characters in the book "Soul Surfer" by Bethany Hamilton include Bethany's friends and fellow surfers, like Alana Blanchard, Keoki Beatie, and Byron Blanchard. They play supporting roles in Bethany's story as she navigates her recovery and return to surfing after a shark attack.

Were to find a costume on Bethany Hamilton?

There is no costume, but with some imagination, you can make one! (try a bikini bottom and a surf shrt with the top under and hide your arm under!)

Are knowledgeable people answering the questions?

Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. So some people who answer them are knowledgeable, and some are not.

Why is it that sometimes this site can not answer your questions?

It is not the site that can not answer some of your questions it is the people.

What are some important people from the 1700s?

benjamin franklin , alexander hamilton

What is the noun in this sentence Some people in the group ask questions?

There are three nouns. People, group, and questions are nouns. Questions is a plural noun.

What are some ditry questions?

some are dirty because people have questions about dirty stuff so they ask

What are some quotes Bethany hamiltion is famous for?

Some famous quotes by Bethany Hamilton include: "I don't need easy, I just need possible" and "Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts, that’s what little girls are made of."

What are the main characters in the book soul surfer?

If the book is anything like the movie (too often, that's not the case), then the theme of the book is that what we often think of as important or the be-all end-all really isn't that crucial sometimes and that what we're meant to do is often different than what we think it is, so keep your mind and your heart open. That's what I got from it anyway. I think a secondary theme is also that if you want something, truly know why you want it and keep working smart, not only hard, to achieve it, despite taking some bumps along the way. If anyone thinks I'm wrong, please feel free to improve my answer.