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Q: What are some primary sources for the White Sox?
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Who was the White Sox first designated hitter?

The Designated Hitter rule was adopted by the American League in 1973. The White Sox used almost every player on its roster as the DH at some time during the season, but their primary DH was Carlos May who was DH in 75 of the Sox games. He also played in the outfield in 70 games that season.

Who were the White Sox catchers in the 1950's?

The starting or primary catchers for the White Sox in the 50s were: 1950 and 1951 - Phil Masi 1952 through 1959 - Sherm Lollar

Who are some White Sox or Cub christian players?

You're not allowed to be a Christian and play for the White Sox (it's a rule of the team).

When were the Chicago White Sox the black Sox?

The White Sox were dubbed the Black Sox after the controversial claim that the White Sox "threw" (purposely lost) the 1919 World Series.

What was the name of the White Sox before it was White Sox?

For the first three years (1901-1903) of the franchise, the White Sox were known as the White Stockings. The name was changed to White Sox for the 1904 season.

Where did the White Sox get their name?

The name White Sox came from sports writers from the Chicago Tribune who used the term "Sox" as a shortened version of their original name: The Chicago White Stockings. The White Sox are one of the original teams of the American League founded in 1901. and the White Stockings was changed to the White Sox by 1904. The Red Sox were originally the Boston Americans and did not adopt the name Red Sox until 1908. Therefore, The White Sox are the ORIGINAL Sox team. Not The Red Sox.

Why are the Chicago White Sox called the white sox?

The Chicago White Sox received their name after the white stockings that the players wore; in fact, in 190, the team shortened their name from White Stockings to White Sox, as the local newspapers had shortened it for headline-writing purposes.

What is the Chicago White Sox logo?

Click on the 'Chicago White Sox' logo on this page to see the logos of the White Sox throughout their history.

What years were sox in worldseries?

Which Sox, the Red Sox or the White Sox?

Does Barack Obama cheer for the Cubs or White Sox?

White Sox. He has stated that several times and has thrown out the first pitch for them several times. After the white sox won the world series in 05 he addressed the Senate about the white sox.

Players who Played for White Sox and Yankees?

Some are: 1) Nick Swisher - White Sox (2008), Yankees (2009). 2) Luis Vizcaino - White Sox (2005), Yankees (2007). 3) Ruben Sierra - White Sox (1998), Yankees (2003-2005). 4) Kenny Lofton - White Sox (2002), Yankees (2004). 5) Jose Contreras - White Sox (2004-2009), Yankees (2003-2004). 6) Esteban Loaiza - White Sox (2003-2004, 2008), Yankees (2004). 7) Orlando Hernandez - White Sox (2005), Yankees (1998-2002, 2004). 8) Robin Ventura - White Sox (1989-1998), Yankees (2002-2003). 9) Jeff Nelson - White Sox (2006), Yankees (1996-2000), 2003). 10) Tim Raines - White Sox (1991-1995), Yankees (1996-1998).

Who are the owners of the White Sox?

Jerry Reinsdorf is the majority owner of the White Sox

When was Evansville White Sox created?

Evansville White Sox was created in 1966.

When was Bristol White Sox created?

Bristol White Sox was created in 1969.

When was Monroe White Sox created?

Monroe White Sox was created in 1938.

When was Chicago White Sox created?

Chicago White Sox was created in 1894.

Where did the White Sox play before they moved to Chicago?

no where. before the white sox. there was the Chicago white stockings which now known as the Chicago cubs. the white sox were have always been a team since 1901

Chicago White Sox longest single season win streak?

19 wins by the 1906 White Sox. GO SOX!!!

What is the mascot for the chicgo White Sox baseball team?

Southpaw (Chicago White Sox)

What trophies did the White Sox win?

Did the white sox win any other trophies

Before the name White Sox what was the team called?

The White Sox were known as the White Stockings from 1901-1903. The name was shortened to White Sox in 1904 so newspapers could fit the name in their headlines.

Who wore number 72 for the White Sox?

Carlton Fisk wore #72 for the White Sox during his time there between 1981-1993. Fisk signed with the White Sox in 1981 after having been with the Red Sox since 1969. His number with the Red Sox was 27 but that number was taken so he reversed the digits and wore 72. The White Sox retired the number in 1997.

What are the official colors of the Boston Red Sox?

Primary Colors: Midnight Navy, Red & White Road Uniform Base Color: Grey

Why is White Sox mascot called South paw?

The White Sox are on the south side of Chicago.

What sport has the team the 'White Sox'?

The Chicago White Sox are part of Major League Baseball.