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Physical Therapy is a career for Sports Medicine

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Q: What are some possible Careers in Sports Medicine?
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What are some careers that has to do with science?

there are many careers available such as * medicine * biotechnology * bioinformatics * virology * microbiology there are many careers available such as * medicine * biotechnology * bioinformatics * virology * microbiology

What are some careers related to sports?

coach or you could be an announcer or even a sports analyst.

What are some advancement possibilities in sports medicine?

Some advancement possibilities in sports medicine include senior level sports medicine technician. It also includes advancement in the fields of nutrition, physical therapy, and athletic trainer.

What are some probability careers?

President Sports PLayer Army Al QADA

What are some careers associated with forensics science?

forensic entomology, forensic chemistry, forensic medicine.

What are some careers in medicine?

Like a doctor, pediatrician, obstetrician, diagnostician, and the people who work in the emergency rooms.

What are sports medicine doctors?

Sports Medicine Doctors are just what it says. They deal with sports injuries. Some perform therapy on injured legs, etc., and tend to open wounds, sprains, etc.

What are some possible careers in information technology?

Some possible careers in information technology include business architect, data scientist, social media architect, enterprise mobile developer, and mobile technology expert.

Where can I obtain a degree in sports medicine?

Most universities offer sports medicine as a degree. Even some smaller institutions offer sports medicine as a degree. It is hard to get specific because without knowing where you are from I can't say the best schools in your area.

What are some careers available in the field of sports particularly related to soccer?

what is the description of a profetional soccer player

What are some sports marketing careers and what do they do?

Sports marketers promote athletes, also managing them, and their related businesses. They work for professional sports teams, marketing agencies, and are also promotion managers.

What are some good careers that take two years to complete?

1. Radiation Therapists 2. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

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