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Q: What are some popular sports in the Yukon territory?
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What are some popular sports in the northwest territory?

canoeing, badminton, bball,volleyball

What do people eat in the Yukon Territory?

People in the Yukon Territory eat things that many would consider "weird." Some of them are ox, mountain goat, and porcupines.

Who settled in Yukon Territory?

some guy called naked lady

What is the physical region of the Yukon territory?

some of the Arctic lowlands and cordillera

What are some holiday's in Yukon Territory?

Discovery day is one of the holidays.

Is Yukon and british Columbia a provinces territory of western cordillera?

Yes, part of British Columbia, Yukon, and some of Alaska.

What are some customs of the Yukon?

One quarter of everyone living in the Yukon comes from aboriginal decent and eight languages are spoken in the territory. The aboriginal people's culture is very much alive and well and fishing and hunting are popular traditions.

What are some popular sports in Connecticut?

soccer and hiking are some of the most popular sports in Connecticut

What are some annual events in Yukon territory?

dont know, ask Yvon he lives there

What are some of the unique characteristics of the Yukon Territory?

monkeys rule the earth and you best believe it

Where are some popular golf holiday spots in the Yukon?

A popular golf spot in the Yukon is, Mountain View Golf Club. It can be found close to the Yukon river with a challenging golf course layout and a great view of the surrounding area.

What are some major geographic features of the Yukon Territory?

There's the Yukon River and Mt. Logan...Hope this is helpful because I'm trying to find the same thing.

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