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Q: What are some of travis pastrana's goals for the future?
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What are Travis Pastranas sponsors?

try this website

How do you answer what are some of your goals for after you graduate from high school?

Truthfully. What would you like to do in the future?

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it could be for example : that you want to move up from being an junior manager to head of department. something along the lines of the level of responsibility you want to have within that businesshope that helps

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what are some goals rudy ruettiger had

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What Goals should a writer hope to achieve in an essays introduction and conclusions?

To summarize the evidence the essay has introduced. The conclusion should also list some possibilities for future study.

What are some of the objectives that you have been unable to accomplish during the year and why?

When answering this question a person should be sure to include ways in which they will improve upon what caused them to not accomplish the goals. It is important to state what is being done to make sure future goals will be accomplished.

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