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Q: What are some of the professional sports medicine organizations that you could be a part of?
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Sports medicine pros and cons?

pro- it makes yah real real buff an its medicine con- you could overdose and die on the toilet like elvis

How could i order the medicine?

what medicine

Where are some good places online to buy authentic jerseys?

There are many places one could buy authentic sports jerseys. One could try stores like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. One could also contact official sports organizations like the NBA or NFL.

Where could one purchase a pair of professional weightlifting gloves?

Professional weightlifting gloves can be purchased from a wide range of online retailers. This includes the Powerhouse, eBay, Millet Sports and Amazon websites.

Are indoor and outdoor sports related?

Yes Indoor and Outdoor sports are related;1) Indoor and outdoor sports are both physical activities that meet the expectations of sports organizations all over the world.If you care to be more specific I could answer the real question you have, perhaps Basketball vs. Football (American)

How are racial integration and professional sports connected?

I think that it just says that in the world of sports, there could be interracial teams and therefore, the cultures and practices of such race that belongs in one team with other races.

What kind of paint is good for autos?

Actually, there are great professional brands of paint out there that you could purchase. A great recommended brand would be Maaco, because it is highly used by professional Sports car drivers.

What would you get your dad who is organized professional business and likes sports your mom who loves Spanish music and is a teacher and your brother who is in college and sports?

You could get your brother and dad something that is related to their favorite sports team, like a cap with the team logo or a jersey. For your mom, you could get one or more Spanish music CDs.

Could you spell the word professional correctly please?


How much is ticket stub from final tie at wembley 1947 worth?

The only way you will find out is professional valuation. You could put it on eBay or into a specialist sports auction.

If a college athlete plays sports what are his chances of becoming professional?

very thin because there are a lot of other good college players and u could just stink

How do you use linkedin?

Linkedin is mainly for professional purposes and is a social network for professionals. Just sign up and get your username and password just like other sites. Then complete your professional profile on the site. A more completed profile is better so that potential employers could view your profile and could understand you better. You could add widgets that help polish your profile page. You could add professional groups/organizations to your profile page. You could add connections/friends to your profile page. Lastly,you could get recommendation from people you know.

Can a professional be called as an unemployed?

yes because they could be a professional of singing or tying laces and they could be unemployed

What do student chapters of professional organizations offer students?

Connections and networking. Usually there are mentors from the professional org. and they help the students. It allows you a means to meet people in your profession on a personal level, to learn skills from working professionals, and make connections that later could lead to a job.

What type of Doctorate is designated as PD rather than PhD?

PD could stand for professional doctorate, but this would include professions in law, medicine, and is also used to refer to research doctorates with a focus on applied research, or research as used for professional purposes.

What international organizations could you contact about a conflict?

Deffinatly not the UN

What type of doctor specializes in muscles?

The type of doctor that would specialize in muscles could be a Sports Medicine Doctor. A rheumatologist may also deal with disorders of the muscle.

Why do your urine smells like medicine?

Well it could be if you take medicine. If not from the things you eat

What is a group that's for dudes only?

There aren't very many groups or organizations that boast themselves at being men only. If one wanted they could join a sports team as men and women have their own leagues.

What is the sports in which you could get into headlock?


Can you breastfeed while treating a yeast infection?

Yeast infection is bacterial and it can be expressed through the milk and so can the medicine your taking.You'd better stop breastfeed while you are taking the medicine. It will do great harm to your baby.Any worries you could consult online doctors, such as Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic to get professional online help.Hope this could help you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of professional sports?

Well the advantages are alot of money fame you know things lke that but a bad thing would be the fact that you could get seriously injured while playing

What would a 9 year old boy would do in ten years?

there wouldn't really be an answer for that because it all depends on that boys personality, he could be a Marine, a teacher, or professional sports player

What would happen if your dog eats your medicine?

It depends on what kind of medicine but if it had steroids in it it could be bad

What do you need to study medicine at university?

You could ask your teachers that did medicine in there past. thank you for reading.