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Some major NCAA Football bowls are the Rose bowl, Sugar bowl, Fiesta bowl, Orange bowl, and the BCS National Champion game which was first held in 2006.

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Q: What are some of the major NCAA Football bowls?
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Well that's a bit of a loaded question seeing how football was played at some Ivy League schools in the 1800's.A hundred years before the NCAA was founded and many more before the BCS was started. Many schools claim championships to these pre-NCAA years and count them when the NCAA does not. But going by that standard than Princeton has the most with 28.

How many NCAA football championships have the Louisiana State University won?

None. There's no such thing as a "NCAA football championship" in Division 1-A. The NCAA does not choose a national champion. However, LSU has won two BCS national championships (2003 and 2007 seasons), and was awarded one national championship by the AP (1957 season). I think they were also awarded one retroactive championship for a team in the 1930s by some obscure polling organization.

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