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Queen of the Court - except for (maybe) Margaret 'Court' LOL! [All puns intended!!]

Steffi Graf would be one of the very greatest players ever to have graced the great tennis stadiums of the world.

She is the only player, male or female, to win a "Golden Slam", considered as winning all 4 Majors ( Wimbledon, French, US Open and the Australian Open) plus the Olympic Gold medal all in one calendar year - 1988.

Winning 22 career grand slam singles titles places her second only to Margaret Court in All-time most grand slam singles department of the game, taking 7 crowns at Wimbledon, 6 French, 5 US Opens and 4 Australian Open singles titles; plus she also won a doubles title at Wimbledon.

As well as her great on-court accomplishment, off-court, among other things, she is wife to Andre Agassi and a mother of two great children.

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Q: What are some of Steffi Graf's accomplishments?
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