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Who cares, what sado are you? Drogba and Mozart.

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Q: What are some names of famous basketball players?
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What are the names of famous basketball players in 1952?

some fammous names in baskebobtball terms in 1952 are.. wilt chamberlin, bob cousy,and bill Russel

What are some famous Olympian first names that begin with the letter U?

Uljana Semjonova is a retired Russian basketball player. She was one of the leading woman's basketball players in the world.

Who are some famous basketball players?

Ray Allen and Michael Jordan

Who are some famous basketball players from Delaware?

Alvin Furh Rice

Who were some famous basketball players who wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett

Who are some famous basketball players who wore number 25?

Robert Horry

Can you name some famous sports persons whose names starts with I?

Isiah Thomas and Allen Iverson are famous basketball players. Michael Irvin is a famous football player. Tom Izzo is the men's basketball head coach at Michigan State University.

Who where some of the famous black perfessional basketball players of the 1960s?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Who are some famous basketball players named Tim?

Tim Duncan and Tim Thomas

What are the names of some famous volleyball teams and players?

Misty May

Who are some famous hispanic basketball players?

one famous hispanic baseball player is Alex Carrasquel. He is from Venenzuela.

Are there famous people that live in Alaska?

Lots, like singer Jewel, some basketball players, baseball players, actors

Who are some famous WNBA coaches and players?

Mya Moore is a famous basketball player you should look her up she is awesome!

Who are some famous athletes with 8-letter last names?

heres three basketball players with 8 letter last name ryan anderson walter herman richard hamilton

What are some Famous Basketball Players?

Liberian James Coby Brian Derick rose and michel jorden

What famous basketball players wear?

Sweatbands, wristbands, shooting sleeves, and some have specially designed sneakers

Who were some of the popular players in basketball?

i am

Who were some famous sports players that wear Adidas?

A lot of basketball players wear Adidas. For example: Magic J, Lebron James, etc.

Who were some famous basketball players that wore number 3?

Allen Iverson, Rex Chapman, Dennis Johnson

What famous players wore number 12?

There were many famous basketball players who wore number 12. Some of those players were Toby Bailey, Jim Barnes, John Barnhill, Drew Barry, and Josh Powell.

What are some famous swedish tennis players names?

bjorn borg. Robin Solderling Ebert.

Name of the players of basketball?

there are many basketball players in the nba and in college basketball , some of the most known basketball players are: Shaq. , Micheal Jordan , Dwight Howard , and Kobe Bryant.

Where do basketball players hang out after games?

After a game the basketball players always goes out to eat some place.

Who is the most famous female basketball player?

Some of the most famous female basketball players are: Carol BlazejowskiCheryl MillerLisa LeslieTeresa EdwardsAnne MeyersNancy LiebermanAnne DonovanChamique HoldsclawLynette WoodardSheryll SwoopesAngie Paccione Candace ParkerMichael Jordan is a very famous basketball player.

Who were some famous basketball players with the number thirty-four?

Shaq O' Neal (w/ the Lakers) Charles Barkley