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definitely AFL and cricket

The Melbourne Cup is a major horse-racing event held every November in Melbourne.

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Q: What are some large sporting events in Victoria Australia?
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What is the biggest annual public event in Australia?

The are a lot of large sporting events: - The Grand Final (AFL) - big in Victoria/Melbourne - The Australian Open - Melbourne Cup (Horse Race) Other large events: - Australia Day - ANZAC Day (Dawn Service/Parade)

Do large international sporting events generally make a profit?

no not normally

What large desert is found in Australia?

The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia.

What word starts with S and is a large building in which many sports events are held?

Many sporting events are held in a stadium.

What large island lies directly south of the state of Victoria in Australia?


What is Australia's largest desert and how large is it?

The Great Victoria Desert which has an area of 424,400 km2

What large city in Victoria on the southern coast of Australia lies southeast of Adelaide and southwest of Sydney?


What types of events can water coolers be used at?

Water coolers can be used at a multitude of events that anticipate a large audience such as sporting events, parties, road trips or tailgating, or even for use in places of business for employees or customers.

What are the events Australia will be participating in the Olympics 2012?

They will be in a large number of events because they have 410 athletes in 23 sports. See related linkk

What were the areas of Australia where gold was found in large quantities?

Gold was found in large quantities in parts of Victoria, in the "Golden Triangle" which encompasses the towns of Bendigo, Ballarat and Castlemaine. It was also found in large quantities in Western Australia, in the Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie regions.

Is Victoria in Australia known for its heat?

Not always. Victoria lies in the southern part of Australia, but it is regularly subject to hot, dry summers. Because it is heavily treed, and large areas of the state are quite mountainous, it experiences frequent, intense bushfires.

Advantage of loudspeaker?

A loudspeaker is used so a large crowd can hear what is being spoken. They are often found in schools, sporting events, festivals, and many more.

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