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There are a number of manufacturers of Skateboarding shoes. They include Converse, DC, Vans, Emerica and Vox. Each brand offers their own style, providing many options for the shoppers.

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Q: What are some large manufacturers of skateboarding shoes?
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Which sport does ES Shoes cater to?

ES shoes and sneakers cater to the skateboarding crowd. They have some of the most advanced skateboarding shoes. ES shoes was created in 1995 by Pierre Andre Senizergues.

Can Converse shoes be skateboarding shoes?

You can skateboard in any shoes but converse are not considered skateboarding shoes. Most Converse shoes are casual like Jack Purcell, Chuck Taylors, etc. However, Converse also has some skateboarding style shoes as well, such as: Volitant, Kiro and Karve Ox, which main purpose was skateboarding, now people use them as casual.

How do you make your self some Monet by skateboarding?

Design your own shoes.

Are ipath good skate shoes?

Well Ipath are actually not good shoes, if youre looking skateboarding shoes dont get ipath they are bad you should get some lakai, circa, eS, vans, emerica, and DC. or other skateboarding shoes.

Does Adidas sell shows designed for skateboarding?

Yes, Adidas sells a wide variety of shoes and some of them are intended for skateboarding. The Ciero or Seely shoes lines are both designed for skating.

What is a skateboarding shoe?

It is a type of shoe that is more padded than the normal shoe. It also has a flat bottom. They are a shoe specialized for skateboarding. Some have shoe lace protectors to slow the process or protect the shoes laces from tearing. The grip tape on skateboards are terrible on shoes. Skateboarding shoes last longer than regular shoes but still rip over time. How long they last depends on the tricks the skater does and how hard they skate. They are usally more exspensive than normal shoes. The different brands of skateboarding shoes are personal pereferance because they are all different just as the skateboard itself. Some common skateboarding shoe brands are: Fallen, Vans, DC, Etnies, and DVS this is just a few of the large skater own shoe companys there are many more.

Why do you need skateboarding shoes to skateboard?

Well You technically don't but i think they say that because of the gum grip on the bottom of the shoes gets a better grip on the board and also some non-skateboarding shoes tear up faster because they were not made from a certain type of material. Most skateboarding shoes are made up of a gum grip on the bottom and suede leather.

What is vans?

Vans was the first company ever to create shoes for skateboarding, way back in 1966. vans a flat bottom shoe mint for skateboarding and they are sold at most places but can cost any were for 20-200$ Vans shoes are sold absolutely everywhere, and are still some of the best for skateboarding. Go get a pair! == ==

Are Adidas originals skateboard shoes?

Pretty much any shoe can be used for skateboarding,but some shoes are better than others.Adidas Originals shoes are for skating if you get the vulcanized version.

Are KSwiss Ariake Shoes Any Good For Skateboarding?

err shoes are shoes but some skateshoes have things that they say will help your feet but ive seen lots of people skate with lots of different types of shoes...

How did rob dyrdek get famous?

He was first sponsored at 12, went pro at 16, got some DC Shoes at 21, and has been skateboarding ever since. Bottom line, he got famous by skateboarding.

What are the best vans shoes for skateboarding?

if you want some thin vulc shoes go with chukka lows other than that i recommend halfcabs if you want some thin vulc shoes go with chukka lows other than that i recommend halfcabs

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