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Some key aspects when considering coaching soccer would be to ensure the individual has a complete understanding of the game, is able to be a positive voice and coach, knowledge of drills and practice activities, and to follow the 'Golden Rule of Coaching' which is to avoid the three Ls, Lectures, Lines, and Laps.

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Q: What are some key things when considering coaching soccer?
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What is the primary focus when coaching technique in soccer?

it is the best way to fit as well as get some knowledge about your different soccer skills including dribbling, juggling, attacking and shooting.

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The best sport coaching style is the style that you are comfortable using as well as what achieves the best results from who you are coaching. Some athletes respond better to the high volume style coaching and some respond better to a mellower style.

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story about soccer

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What are some things to consider before starting a career in coaching?

Coaching, is very difficult, the trainer need to show discipline to motivate the trainee so they work harder also they need to know the sport inside and out, playing the game on a daily bases is essential before trying to coach.

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as such there is no ranking for coaching institute in India but i can help you in this regard by providing some useful information regarding coaching institute choose them carefully after proper investigation and results some of the institute show more than they achieve so it's better that talk with some prwevious students of that coaching institute and take some trial classes before joining you can go through the following link which will be helpful to you

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