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Q: What are some internal conflicts in the book slam?
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Some internal conflicts when you go camping?

think calmly and be prepared

What are some internal conflicts in the mark of the beast by rudyard kipling?


What is some External conflicts in the book make lemonade?

what is a conflict in the book make lemonade

What are some of the conflicts internal and external in the novel 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding?

Ralph vs jack

What are common internal conflicts in literature?

when your with some body and that some body wants you to ditch your best friend and then at the back of your head your thinking about

In the killer's cousin what is the conflict between David's mother and her sister-in-law Julia?

I'm reading this book in class. and basically its just they don't get a long at all. i came across this while looking for help to figure out some internal conflicts that happen in the book(: anyway its a great book its really interesting.

What are some conflicts in the book roll of thunder hear my cry?

Tj dies from a beating.

What are some important events in the book Slam?

in chapter 1 slam goes to try out for the basketball team. in chapter 2 slam goes and hangs ot with his best friend and his on and off girlfriend. in chapter 3 his grandmother goes to the hostipal.

What are some conflicts in the book Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements?

bobby is to happy so God punishes him

What is the author's message for the book slam?

The book Slam is about a teenage basketball player. He is a young man who is counting on his basketball talents being able to get him out of the inner city and give him a chance to succeed in life.

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