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There are a different varietys of injuries. A most common injury may be a broken/twisted leg. More common injuries may be a twisted ankle or wrist, a broken arm, or a dislocated shoulder. Things such as a twisted neck happen very rarley when playing sports.

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Q: What are some injuries related to sports and exercise?
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Some injuries related to sports and exercise are?

sprains, bruises, cuts, strains, scrapes, and blisters

Who are some people who have had sports related acl injuries?

Tom Brady

Why shouldn't kids play sport?

Some people believe that children are too much in danger of injuries while playing sports. Sports are good for exercise, though, and doctors recommend them.

Is there such thing as sports rehab?

Yes there are some rehab centers dedicated to that. It is not necessarily for sports injuries, but rather injuries which most commonly occur during sports.

What are some specific leg injuries and what are some specific causes, symptoms and treatments related to them?

It depends on what type of activities a person is involved in. If someone takes part in certain sports, there are a lot of leg injuries that could happen, such as sprains, pulled muscles, and knee and foot injuries. But if someone does not lead a lifestyle that is heavy in sports, he or she will have less chance of getting major injuries.

Why are sports not dangerous?

Some sports are really dangerous. Injuries happen often at sport. Head injuries, broken bones, sprained muscles. Some sports you get roughly push and shoved around

What are some long term injuries of sports?

back problem

Where can one find information regarding the science of exercise?

The science of exercise that includes a sound knowledge of human biology and physiology, can be studied at universities around the world. In some instances, particular attention is paid to the study of sports injuries, their treatment and their prevention.

Why is it good to have sports you school?

So you can have fun, get some exercise, and build teamwork (on team sports).

Why sports are good for you?

All sports are good for you, but some do have a high risk of injuries. here are some good, healthy sports, in my opinion. soccer hockey baseball football basketball volleyball

What are some injuries that result from improper use of an elliptical exercise machine?

Improper use of an elliptical exercise machine can result in a number of stress injuries. The most common injuries that arise are sprained knees and ankles and damage to the Achilles tendon leading to painful Achilles tendonitis.

Uses of sports?

Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise. Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise.

What are some careers related to sports?

coach or you could be an announcer or even a sports analyst.

What can cause a fatal injury?

Many things can cause a fatal injury, from car accidents to sports injuries. Alcohol can increase the risk of fatal injuries, and some professions are more prone to these injuries than others.

Why do some sports have to use pads helmets and other equipment and others do not?

In some sports their are more risk of a collision at the head. Other sports dont feel at if it ia needed seeing as their was probably not a lot of head injuries

What are some physical education thesis topics?

sports related

What are some examples of 'acute trauma'?

The word "acute" means sudden or rapid. Thus, sudden traumas are injuries sustained in a vehicle accident, fall, crushing injuries, sudden blows as in sports injuries and fights, etc.

What are sports medicine doctors?

Sports Medicine Doctors are just what it says. They deal with sports injuries. Some perform therapy on injured legs, etc., and tend to open wounds, sprains, etc.

How do you use bicycles today?

Bicycles are ridden, most for fun/exercise, some for sports/competition and some for work.

What are some examples of lifestyle sports?

There are many sports which can be considered lifestyle sports. Some include weightlifting, running, biking and walking. Yoga or other exercise classes would fit this classification as well.

What is Circuit training session?

exercise u do for less amount of time before some sports

Why should sports be in school?

its so kids wont get fat. its the only exercise some kids get. also people love sports like me

Why shouldn't I run with an injury?

It depends entirely on what type of injury you have. Some injuries heal faster if you exercise on them and for other injuries it is s detrimental if you run on it. Your doctor would be the best person to ask.

What can one do to manage weight loss before and after having a baby?

During and after pregnancy, it is difficult to do several sports because of possible injuries. During pregnancies, some people pay for their own private trainer to help them with pregnancy-safe exercise. Some people do yoga, and some just do stretches and walking.

What can one purchase from Epic Sports?

One can purchase a wide variety of sports related equipment and apparel from Epic Sports. Some of the items include outdoor sports gear, outer and underwear, shoes, and many other sports related items.