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Here's one I just thought of, don't think it's HORRIBLE.

Hey, hey, hey, this is my friend, number 2

You think she's gonna hit like poo?

Well once she turns that ball in goo

You're gonna realize that you're screwed.

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Nobody better than

eight eight eight

eight eight eight

Nobody better than

eight eight eight

eight eight eight

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Q: What are some good softball cheers for the number 8?
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What are some good repeat after you softball cheers?

he we go team

What are some funny softball cheers?

lets go lesbians go go go go go

Are the cheers hard?

some cheers are hard it depends on how good you are :))

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make sure the cheers are short and do not have any complicated motions

What some good softball cheers?

Peaches Pumpkins Apple Pie! Hit That Ball And Make It Fly! We don't wear no mini skirts, We just wear our softball shirts. We don't drink no lemonade, We just drink our gateraid! Where number 1! Not 2 not 3 not 4! Where gonna win! not lose not tie the score! Where number 1! (Clap Clap) Number 1! (Clap Clap) Gooooooo _______!<----(Team name) Extra extra read all about it!___________'s gonna hit it no doubt about it! batters name 1st base 2nd base 3rd base home! All the bases she will Rome!

Where could a girls softball coach find training videos for pitchers?

There are several online websites that sell training videos for softball pitchers. Youtube also offers some good softball training videos.

What are some good baketball cheers?

(number) is her/his number (name) is her/his name she/he one of the reasons were gonna win this game and if you don't believe us, try and beat us, but that's impossible, 'cuz we're unstoppable

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