What are some good rugby strategies?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A few examples of this:

1. South Africa plays a tactic which involve their forwards to dominate and then play around 9 and 10. This means that South Africa's forwards dominate scrums, line outs and makes it easy for the scrum half (9) and fly half (10) to kick tactically.

2. France are know for their quick counter attacks. This means they play there backline players close to the opposition. When a turn over comes they spread the ball wide for the wings. France love an open game, their tactics is very good at running freely.

3. Alway have a open side flanker who could turn over possession quickly. Teams like Australia and New Zealand have players like George Smith and Richie Mcaw. Even the USA has a player called Todd Cleaver who could win back the ball for his team. Europe also has a number of flankers who dominates the breakdown and it's a very good tactic.

Use this website for reference:

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Score more tries than the other team might help.

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Q: What are some good rugby strategies?
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