What are some good football tips?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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do some cool moves

pass to ur own teamate

play the ball not the body

make sure u have a nice round ball


fight with anybody on the field

shoot on ur own net

pass to the other team

punch anyone

never talk back to the referee

make a foul in the penalty box


Annoy the referee, Punch the opposing players, Score in your own net, Pass to opposing team

make sure that you do your best and play for the team

^ This question is directed to American football.

Do not:

Run backwards with the ball

Tackle the man holding the ball *if he's in the same uniform as you

Use your helmet to tackle *It is ok to hit with your helmet if going facemask first and if you're just hitting, such as if you're a linemen, but for tackling no.



Drop the ball


Tackle the referee

Grab anyone's facemask/collar

Tackle someone shoulder-to-shin

Fall asleep

Slap the gleuts of anyone on the opposing team

Tackle the coach

Spear anyone (tackle headfirst using top of your head)


Continue to push forward when hit *if you have the ball

Tackle the man holding the ball *if he's in a different uniform than you

Use your shoulder to tackle



Grip the ball tightly

Trip opposing team *if no one will notice

Slap the referee *if he makes a really dumb call

Grab the ball when going for a tackle

Tackle people so they remember not to run in your direction anymore

Stay hyper

Slap the gleuts of any teammate that made a good play

Tackle the [hot] cheerleader *;)

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When playing the sport one should know their assignment. What are you to do on a certain play and how well you do it. On defense one should read the play not guess, guessing will lead to a big play from the other team (Its ok to guess sometimes but I do not strongly recommend it). When tackling one should sink the hips and tackle low (attack the legs if you wrap someone's legs they dont have anywhere to go. Gang Tackling is highly encouraged not matter what level of football you play. When running the ball if you run into a large group of people you should double cover the ball at both tips with your hands. Also use your blockers when on offense and when on defense use a swim or rip move to get by blockers to make the tackle.

(If you do not understand a term I used you should YouTube it. They give you a visual on how it is suppose to look)

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Football fan safety is always a concern every year. I know it's not cool to talk about, but there have been so many close calls with drunk driving after football games lately that I feel compelled to say something. I've been to many games and never once have I felt that I needed to drink in order to have fun. I don't understand why people use football games as an excuse to get irresponsibly drunk. It puts everyone at a greater danger for fighting, drunk driving, arrests, and much more sever consquences. I found this article about responsible behavior at football games and I encourage everyone to consult with it before leaving for a game on Saturday.

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In football match, if one team breaks a rule what does other team get??

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Q: What are some good football tips?
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