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any cheers!! if u hear any cheerleaders and hear there song use thoses but turn them around an use them for volleyball

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Q: What are some good cheers for volleyball but not really mean to the other team you got to show sportmanship?
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Is volleyball really good for your health other than the excersise?

YES it is

The rules of cheering at a volleyball game?

When your with your team on the court you can cheer when you ace it ! When you spike it or even when you score! It is really easy to cheer at a volleyaball game. But you cant use ne profanity or bad language. towards the other team. Also your cheers cant be too mean.

Do you burn more calories in volleyball than other sports?

It doesn't really matter, what sport you do. What matters is HOW you do it. Volleyball in actually a very good sport for a 'sexy' body, but learning it is really, really hard with technique and stuff... yours

What are other ways to say thank you?

thanks cheers thanks cheers thanks cheers

Ace cheers for volleyball?

some are ace ace baby 1 2 3 ace uno dos trice ace A (pop the collar) C (pop the other collar) E (pop both collars) ACE (stomp)

What is the difference between power volleyball and volleyball?

One is faster than the other!

Do the Spanish and Germans like each other?

Well, basically, it really depends on how they treat each other but anyways, we should always treat different countries well! Cheers^^

Where is the other team of volleyball?

On the other side of the net.

What year did beach volleyball become an official Olympic event?

Well, you see beach volley ball really isn't a sport at all. What it is is when people get hungry they decide to play. So it never really became a sport or in other words was never an Olympic sport.

Who is the winner of a volleyball game?

The winner of a volleyball game is the one who beats the other team by at least 2 points.

Why is volleyball competitive?

Volleyball is competitive just like any other sport out there. Who doesn't love to get excited and win?

Why is it important to call the ball in Volleyball?

It is important to call the ball because if you don't 2 people could be aiming for the ball and they can run in to each other really badly.