What are some good book series?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The Bridgerton Series (eight books) by Julia Quinn

Warriors series

Phantom Stallion


Guardians of Ga'hoole

Enchanted Forest Chronicals

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


The Series of Unfortunate Eventsthere are also alot of good Manga series out

The Hunger Games series (3 books so far) The Hunger Games is my all time fav. book

The House of Night Series

Seven Realms series

Left Behind (kids and adult series)


The Host

Fire by Kristen Cashore

The Maze Runner

Vampire Academy series

The Warrior Heir series

Maximum Ride

The Chronicles of Narnia

The above books are quite long, for some shorter ones:

How to Train Your Dragon

Percy Jackson

Mary Kate and Ashley

The Boxcar Children

Beacon Street Girls

American Girls

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Q: What are some good book series?
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What are some good book series that have people with super powers?

FableHaven the "Maximum Ride" series is good.

What are some good book report books?

a good book for a good book report is The Harry Potter Series and The Hunger Games trilogy

What are some good books on owls?

there is a book series called The Guardians Of Ga'Hoole that I read that were good.

What are some good horse books?

The Horse Book, the Phantom Stallion series, the Wild horse Island series.

What is a good fantasy book to read?

Good fantasy books tend to create more good fanasy books in a series. below are listed some of the most popular book series. Most of these also have movies that are in the same world. Harry Potter 1-7 Series The Narnia Series Twilight Series Ender Series

For a lover of the Harry Potter series and Sherlock Holmes series and a series of unfortunate events what are some other good book series to read?

The Twilight Saga

Is The Battle of the Labyrinth a good book?

It is a form of opinion. While some think it is a great book, others think it was not as good as the other books in the series.

Is the Lily series a good book to read?

Yes, the Lily series is a good series to read.

What are some good books about medieval times?

the rangers apprentice book series by John Flanagan

What is a good nonfiction book to read?

the House of Night series is a very good series. I highly recommend it. If you are in to vampires and magic, this is the book for you!

What is a really good book series you could start reading?

There are several great book series to start reading. Some of the most popular series of books are Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, and The Hunger Games.

What is a good series for an 11 year old who is a very good reader and dying to read a good series?

i personally like the Warriors series, its about 4 clans of cats that live in the forest together and try to survive, (theres more to the book series then that but...) it has fighting, some romance, action and drama, it a AWSOME SERIES!!! and there is four 6 book series to it showing the point of view of a sertain cat in thunderclan