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Gravity, friction, air resistance, centrifugal force, may be more.

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Q: What are some forces that act ona soccer ball when you kick it?
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Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or a soccer ball?

From personal experience I'm almost positive that you can kick a kickball further than a soccer ball. Of course someone rather athletic could be able to kick a soccer ball further then some one nonathletic could ever kick a kickball.

How far can one kick a soccer ball?

Well, it depends on how good and how powerfull the soccer player is. A good amount of people can kick a soccer ball full field, some can kick it half field, it just depends on the player.

Can you give some examples for potential energy?

someone about to kick a soccer ball

What are some defensive kicks in soccer?

Attack block and goal-to-ball kick.

What are some balanced forces in soccer?

When the wind is circling the ball and creating a balanced force

What is some history on soccer?

Years ago before soccer was invented people used to kick around peoples heads. Now instead of human heads we use a ball to kick

How do you shoot a soccer ball?

You choose where your going to kick the ball, then kick the ball with your laces and whatever foot you use to kick the ball with you swing the opposite arm for balance. (You also always have to be confident.) And another thing is that before you kick the ball you look at where your going to kick it and then while your kicking it you always have your eye on the ball! - All of this is for penalties not in a game situation BUT you can use some of these tactics. I really hope this is helpful :)

What is an overhead kick in soccer?

Some people call it a bicycle kick. You have to face YOUR goal post, dont turn, jump, shoot the ball that's in the air.

Is soccer am some sort of sport?

Soccer is a sport that uses a single ball. there are 11 players per team on the fieald at one time, and the point is to kick the ball into the opposing teams net. Soccer AM however is a UK based talk show that has comedy surrounding soccer.

What are some forces that act on a soccer ball during the game of soccer?

When someone kicks the soccer ball, Newton's third law of motion is in action. This is because the third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so when you kick the ball, the force is opposite and equal to when you kicked it with your foot. Also, the first law of motion is in action because the ball will keep moving until a force acts upon it (friction from the grass and gravity stops the ball !)

Some soccer tips?

One Tip is to never kick the ball with your TOE! NEVER! Kick it with your laces its will go alot farther and you didnt break a toe Lean forward when you kick if you go forward you will get a lot stronger kick

What is balanced and unbalanced forces?

it is an example of newtons 1st and 3rd laws and an example of it is when some one kicks a soccer ball

What are some tips to kick the ball far in mat ball?

Lean back, point your left toe, if you are a righty, to where you want to kick the ball, and use your laces to kick the ball.

What is the net forces in soccer?

There are many forces at work during a game of soccer. Some of them inlude:The force of gravity on the playersThe force of gravity on the soccer ballThe force of friction between the soccer ball and the groundThe force of friction between the soccer ball and the airThe force of the players' feet when they kcik the ballThe force of the goalie's body blocking a goalThe force of the net stopping the ball after a goal is scoredIt should be noted that calculating net forces requires vector algebra.

What are the differences between a soccer ball and a football?

A soccer ball is round, a football is shaped like a lemon. A soccer ball is smooth, a football has some grip. A soccer ball is a lot bigger than a football.

What will happen if you kick a soccer ball?

When a football is kicked, some of the force is absorbed by the football, and any force remaining is transferred in propulsion of the football forward.

What are some names of soccer equipment?


How do you play croquet?

how to play soccer is easy. All you need is a ball and some team mates, how you play is you pass around the ball till nyou get close enough to the goal you shoot. Also if your ball gets out you throw the ball with two hands in and make sure each of your feet are nplanted on the groung. Also if the other team kicks the ball out by the conner of your goal that's a goal kick. And if they kick nit out on their conner its a conner kick. what you need to play is some cleets and some shin guards. :-) v

How does kenetic and potential energy affect soccer in general?

In soccer, you have a soccer ball. The ball has potential energy. When you kick the ball, the potential becomes kinetic energy and the ball moves. However, your foot has potential energy as well (all matter has potential energy because all matter has the potential to move). When you kick with your foot that potential energy becomes kinetic energy. When the soccer ball is on the ground it actually has no potential energy because potential energy is only associated with height. When the ball is kicked however the kinetic energy from the player is passed on to the ball. That kinetic energy makes the ball move. If the ball is kicked into the air then the kinetic energy is passed on and some of that kinetic energy transforms into potential energy and kinetic.

How do you play soccer like a champ?

Well I'm not a soccer champion, but i do know a few tips in being a pretty good player in soccer/football. Here r some stuff i know... 1. Take practice lessons and watch soccer games to know some strategies and tips 2. Don't kick with your toe, kick with side of the foot. 3. The foot that you don't use to kick with- make it parallel with the ball and point that foot in the direction u want to kick with it. its heps A LOT 4. If u want to kick low, then kick the top part of the ball. If u want it high then kick the bottom part of the ball 5. Its totally false too think that u must be strong to kick powerful. its all with the hips! 6. So when u r running to kick, then twist and turn Ur hips a little bit, not much though! champions do this witch it works but i cant 7. If u think running a far distance and then kicking a ball will make the ball go farther... then that's totally not true. So try it out if u wanna =)

How do the skeletal muscular and nervous system work together to help a soccer player kick a ball?

The nervous system works together with the muscular system by telling the muscles in the legs what to do. The brain is part of the nervous system and since it is the control of the body, it tells the muscles to kick or run. Also, sight is controlled by the nervous system and that is how players get to see the ball and kick it. There is 10 seconds left and you have the ball this is how to score the soccer ball. The nervous, muscular, and skeleton system work together to help you kick a soccer ball.The brain is part of the nervous system which means the brain can tell different partsof the body to do things called a response, like to tell the body to move its muscles to kick or run. The motor neurons send the stimulus travels through the spinal cord to the brain to to tell the muscle in the leg to kick the ball .The tendons that surround the joint which connects the two leg bones together, supports the muscle to do the movement then contract and relax. Also the nervous system controlls your sight so that the player can see the ball to kick it. Now you know how to kick a soccer ball so go score some goals.

What are some soccer skills?

The main soccer skills are dribbling the ball down the field, and shooting the ball. There are some special soccer skills such as the rainbow or the disco that enhance your play in a game.

What is the aim of AFL?

to kick a ball through some sticks

What are some rules about soccer?

you u cant touch the ball with your hands in a offside the other team gets the ballwhen a foul a person in the opposite team gets a free kick

What are some shouting words that begin with the letter K?

kick it (soccer)kid