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Ruth Aaronson Bari was an American mathematician and professor emeritus at George Washington University. Though there aren't any widely circulated quotes attributed to her, according to her daughters, she loved her work and said that 'what matters most is that you follow your heart.'

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Q: What are some famous quotes by Ruth Aaronson Bari?
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When did Ruth Aaronson Bari die?

Ruth Aaronson Bari died in 2005.

When was Ruth Aaronson Bari born?

Ruth Aaronson Bari was born in 1917.

What is the background history of Ruth Aaronson Bari's early life?

Ruth Aaronson Bari was born on November, 17 1917, to Jewish-Polish immigrants to the United States. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and attended Brooklyn College, and earned her Bachelor's degree and doctorate in mathematics before teaching mathematics at George Washington University. She is known for her work on graph theory and homomorphisms.

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At Brooklyn College she received a bachelor's degree in 1939. She enrolled in the doctoral program in math at Johns Hopkins University. She received her master's degree from Johns Hopkins in 1943. She completed her dissertation on absolute reducibility of maps of at most 19 regions. She received her PhD in 1966 at age 47. She joined the GWU faculty in 1966 and was promoted to full professor a few years later.

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