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The most reputable would be Elena Mukhina ,world champion on the floor and all-around in 1978, but in 1979 her coach Mikhail Klimenko wanted her to compete a thomas salto, and she unfortunately broke her neck and became quadrepligic. She passed away in 2006. R.I.P

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There are many famous gymnast. Some include:

(In no partiacular order)

Shawn Johnson

Jonathan Horton

Nastia Luikin

Paul Hamm

Li Ning

Mary Lou Retton

Carly Paterson

Zou Kai

Larissa Latynina

Li Xiaoshuang

Nadia Comaneci

Yang Wei

Shannon Miller

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Christ Henrich. She died of an eating disorder.

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Nadia Comaneci is she got a perfect 10 on bars and beam

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The only one I can recall is Julissa Gomez

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Q: What are some famous dead gymnasts?
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