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There are many sports which can be considered lifestyle sports. Some include Weightlifting, running, biking and walking. Yoga or other exercise classes would fit this classification as well.

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Q: What are some examples of lifestyle sports?
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What are some names of Sports Shops?

lifestyle jjb jd,s sports world champion

What are examples of individual sports?

Chess, Swimming, Race, ect. are some examples of Individual Sports.

How lifestyle factorsaffect sports performance?

if your lifestyle is bad then your sports performence will be bad

What are examples of some extreme sports?

Some extreme sports would be skateboarding, BMXing, rollerblading and of that such.

How does sports effect a person's lifestyle?

it depends which sport it is. some make you healthier and you lose weight. other sports make you stronger and more flexible.

What are some American sports?

Baseball and American football are two good examples of American sports

Is there a sport that has 1 syllable?

Some examples of sports with one syllable are:-golf-luge-pool-there are so many!

What is a collective noun for sports?

There is no specific collective noun for sports, however, any appropriate noun that suits the situation will do. Some examples are a field of sports, an arena of sports, a venue of sports, etc.

What are the examples of dual sports?

What are the examples of dual sports

What are some examples of net and ball sports?

volleyball (DOH!)

What are some examples of combat sports?

Boxing, Cage-fighting

What are some examples of sports drinks?

Gatorade powerade and propel

What are some examples of culture traits?

Some examples of culture traits are religion, clothes, food, music, language, beliefs, sports, and dance. Some more examples are skin color and utensils.

Some examples of net and wall sports?

Net sports: Volleyball; BadMinton; Tennis, squash

What are some examples of field sports?

Some examples of field sports are: 1) Baseball 2) Softball 3) Football 4) Flag Football

What are some Examples of striking sports?

t-ball, baseball, cricket

What are some examples of when technology is used in sports?

radar gun in baseball

What are some examples of court sports?

Examples of popular court sports include tennis, handball, basketball, racquetball, squash and volleyball. Court sports have such things as nets, baselines, sidelines and other means to define the area of play.

What are lifestyle diseases in the respiratory system?

Lifestyle diseases are those that result from consequences of habits we have chosen. Some common examples are smoking, drinking, and doing drugs.

What are some examples of Striking and fielding sports?

cricket, baseball, rounders and polo

What are some examples of a Honda sports car?

There are various models of Honda sports cars available on the market. Some types of Honda sports cars are the Honda S200 and the Honda JDM Civic Type R.

How do lifestyle activities differ from sports activities?

Sports activities will consist of any form of exercise IE hockey. The lifestyle activities will include working, socializing, smoking and drinking and so on. Hope this helped.

What are some benefits of playing sports?

Playing or doing sport helps you to get fit, it makes your muscles stronger and developes a healthy lifestyle

How many people does lifestyle sports employ?


Can you use lifestyle passes in sports center?