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Boxing, Cage-fighting

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Q: What are some examples of combat sports?
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What are examples of individual sports?

Chess, Swimming, Race, ect. are some examples of Individual Sports.

What are examples of some extreme sports?

Some extreme sports would be skateboarding, BMXing, rollerblading and of that such.

What are some examples of field sports?

Some examples of field sports are: 1) Baseball 2) Softball 3) Football 4) Flag Football

What are examples of some sports?

soccerbaseballbasketballsoftballkickballjump ropingskate boarding

What are the examples of dual sports?

What are the examples of dual sports

What are some examples of stage combat?

Some Stage Combat Techniques include Stage Slaps Cross Punch groin Kicks my Favourite is stage Slaps

What are some examples of net and ball sports?

volleyball (DOH!)

What are some examples of sports drinks?

Gatorade powerade and propel

Some examples of net and wall sports?

Net sports: Volleyball; BadMinton; Tennis, squash

What are some American sports?

Baseball and American football are two good examples of American sports

What are some examples of cultural borrowing?

sports food clothing music

What are some examples of public figures?

actors politicians sports stars

What are some Examples of striking sports?

t-ball, baseball, cricket

What are some examples of when technology is used in sports?

radar gun in baseball

Where can one find information on combat sports?

Combat sports are often referred to as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) now. This category of sport includes boxing, kick-boxing, judo, amateur wrestling, and even swordsmanship. The popularity of these sports has soared over the past decade, so information is much more widely available. Wikipedia has some great information on combat sports and the different types of fighting, and the online store Combat Sports will show you what gear you require for each one.

What are some examples of Striking and fielding sports?

cricket, baseball, rounders and polo

What are some examples of culture traits?

Some examples of culture traits are religion, clothes, food, music, language, beliefs, sports, and dance. Some more examples are skin color and utensils.

What sports do you play in Norway?

Many Norwegians play sports. Some typical sport examples are: - Football - Handball - Skiing

What is a collective noun for sports?

There is no specific collective noun for sports, however, any appropriate noun that suits the situation will do. Some examples are a field of sports, an arena of sports, a venue of sports, etc.

What are some examples of court sports?

Examples of popular court sports include tennis, handball, basketball, racquetball, squash and volleyball. Court sports have such things as nets, baselines, sidelines and other means to define the area of play.

What are some examples of patterns that don't repeat themselves?

The wins and losses of a sports team

What sports are played in the Congo?

Basketball, football (soccer) , rugby, tennis are some examples.

What sports do they play in Hudson Bay lowland?

Crocay, cricket and baseball are some examples

What are some examples of lifestyle sports?

There are many sports which can be considered lifestyle sports. Some include weightlifting, running, biking and walking. Yoga or other exercise classes would fit this classification as well.

What are some examples of friendship through sports?

i believe that sports can nurture such friendship at any level,but it has a tool in itself.The rules,the goals and the victories.