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Some examples are slaps, blocks, charges, and holds.

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Q: What are some examples of a personal foul in basketball?
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What are some examples of a personal foul in volleyball?

scolding bad word in a game

Is there another name for foul line in basketball?

Some folks call the foul line the charity stripe.

What EXACTLY is the foul 'holding' in basketball?

The foul ''holding'' in basketball is when you are guarding some player and lets say they get past you and you hold onto their jersey, shorts, hand, etc.

What does flagrant foul mean in a basketball game?

purposely hit some one

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How can you tell the difference between a charge and a blocking foul in basketball?

A charge in basketball is when a player comes in and deliberitly knocks down a player to try to get a foul called on the other team. When the ref is paying attention they will call a charge foul on ethier the offense. Like a charge a blocking foul is when a defensive player plants themselves in front of an on coming player and refuse to move to the point of the player coming at them to take down the blocking player. These two fouls seem to be up to the disgression of the ref, but people have more to say about how bad the ref is calling a game and don't pay attetion why the ref called certain fouls like a charge or a blocking foul. Here are some rules about an offensive plenlty if called A personal foul assessed against an offensive player which is neither an elbow, punching or flagrant foul shall be penalized in the following manner: (1) No points can be scored by the offensive team (2) The offending player is charged with a personal foul (3) The offending team is not charged with a team foul

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