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He ran a very, very fast 100m or 100yrd back then. :)

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Q: What are some contributions Jesse Owens made to society?
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How do you benefit from Jesse Owens?

We benefit him because of the contributions he made upon being the one of the worlds greatest athletes.

Who is performing at the 1936 summer olympic games made him famous?

Jesse Owens

Who was the African American that his performance made him famous at the Olympics in 1936?

jesse owens

How did Jesse Owens make his goal reality?

i think jesse owens just kept running because at first he was a really bad runner but he kept on kepping on and thats what made his goal a reality

What people thought of Jesse Owens?

well, Jesse Owens made black people happy but he mad Germans pretty mad. many people looked up to him but their were a few that didn't such as Hitler.

Why did they call Jesse Owens Jesse?

He is called Jesse Owens because his elementary teacher misinterpreted his name when he told her his name was "J.C" (Initials for James Cleveland) for his heavy Alabama accent made it sound like "Jesse". From then on, he was known as Jesse Owens.

Did Jesse Owens change the world?

he made things better for blacks this person is a liar

What religion is Jesse Owens?

What do you think butt-head don't ask me I don't know anything about this Jesse Owens guy that is why I came to this website but it is a dumb website and I am never using this website again!

Which black person's performance at the 1936 summer olympic games made him famous?

Jesse Owens

Who was the black person that performance at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games made him famous?

Jesse Owens

What were the contributions made to society by spike lee?


Contributions to society of bill gates?

There are so many contributions that Bill Gates is credited for in the society. He has made great contributions in science and technology through his company Microsoft.