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well the ball could fall on their foot and Deon is awesome

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Q: What are some common bowling injuries?
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Are there 10 pin bowling accidents?

Many. Because of the weight of the ball, back injuries are common. Ankle injuries and wrist sprains are common. You don't want to know about groin pulls!

What are common injuries with archery sporting goods?

Some common injuries with archery sporting goods are shoulder including rotator cuff, elbow injuries, wrist injuries, back, forearm and finger injuries.

What are common automobile accident injuries?

Some common automobile accident injuries include broken bones, fractured bones, lacerations, internal injuries, spine, neck, and back injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

What are common firefighting injuries?

Some common firefighting injuries would be knee/ankle problems, back problems, and shoulder problems.

What are some common football injuries?

the most common football injuries are broken bones, bruises, sprained ankles and knees, torn ankle and knee ligaments, rib injuries.

What are some of the common injuries that are suffered in bull riding?

The common injuries that are suffered from bull riders are head and face injuries. Helmets and faceguards are given for bull riders to wear but are not mandated to wear.

What are some of the most famous football injuries?

Some of the most common football injuries are to the hands, head, legs and back. When you catch a ball you may not do it properly, causing injuries to your hands. Head and back injuries can come from tackles, as well as some leg injuries.

What are the most common injuries suffered during a motorbike crash?

Some of the most common injuries suffered during a motorcycle crash can be severe head injuries that result in trauma, broken bones, severe road rash and injuries to the spine.

What is common ballet injuries?

Common ballet injuries would be sprained ankles, injuries to achilles tendons, and injuries to knees

What are the most common dance injuries?

The most common dance injuries are ankles and leg injuries

What basic equipment is used for bowling?

The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

What are common long distance running injuries?

Distance running introduces a lot of injuries. Some of the common ones are shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT band injuries, Achilles tendon etc. There are also overuse injuries due to a runner not taking enough rest.