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he was awsome

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Q: What are some characteristics that helped make babe Ruth important?
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What were Babe Ruth's characteristics?

was lazy selfish and self confident

Was Babe Ruth important to American cultures?


What were some important contributions of Babe Ruth?

helping kids

Where is Babe Ruth's son?

Babe Ruth did not have a son.

What was Babe Ruth's ethnicity?

Babe Ruth is black

Why is Babe Ruth called The Babe?

He's called Babe Ruth because Babe stands for rookies and Ruth was his last name.

The Babe's name?

George Herman Ruth.... aka "Babe Ruth" or "The Babe."

What is the name of The Babe?

"The Babe" Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth.

Is Babe Ruth real?

yes babe Ruth was real

Who is the babe?

George Herman Ruth (a.k.a. Babe Ruth)

Where was Babe Ruth from?

Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

What was Babe Ruth know for?

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

How did Babe Ruth get the nickname Bambino?

Bambino is Italian for baby, as in Babe, Babe Ruth.

Who is most important to Babe Ruth?

the most important person was his wife....named Sarah

What is Babe Ruth's reel name?

Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth.

What was Babe Ruth's daughters name?

Babe Ruth has two daughters, Dorothy Ruth and Julia Ruth.

What are some important points in babe Ruth's career?

I askedyou toanswer it

What are the most important figures in baseball?

Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson

What was something important about Babe Ruth?

he was the best baseball player in the world

Is Babe Ruth's son still alive?

Babe Ruth did not have a son.

Is Babe Ruth in the hall of fame?

yes babe ruth sucks

What was Babe Ruth's rookie year?

Babe Ruth was a rookie in 1914

What sport did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth was a baseball player.

Babe Ruth played which sport?

Babe Ruth played baseball

How many kids does Babe Ruth have?

Babe Ruth has two girls