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actually he doesn't really

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Q: What are some challenges that Satchel Paige faced?
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Win Some Lose Some some get rained out. who said this?

Satchel paige

Challenges colonists faced during colonization?

What were some of the challenges the colonies faced?

What are some of satchel paige's hobbies during his childhood?

he played baseball whenever he had a chance

Why wasn't satchel paige allowed to play in the major leagues?

I read this a LONG time ago so I am not completly sure, you might want to do some reasearch. Satchel Paige was not allowed to play in the Major Leagues because he was black.

What was some of the challenges that the patriots faced?

the patriots faced not having much money and supplies.

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what are some of the challenges an actor face.

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baseball challenges that's what i guess

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he faced without food and water

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Some challenges were having at least 4 books rejected.

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Percy faced a few different challenges in this book. Some of the challenges that he faced were getting in trouble and facing his parents.

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independent attitude

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the problems that faced some one in duration of his/her activities.

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Some challenges is that i gives education about the futures and the present

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hunger and exhaustion were just a few of the many challenges that soldiers faced during world war 1

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Malcolm X was an African American freedom rights activist. Like many Africans of his time he faced challenges of discrimination.

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The expansion of Russia.

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war, slavery

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people steeling there money

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i dont know

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the challenges henry ford was that he was being sued by some guy in about the 1900's

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they faced no food, diseases, and pirate attacks

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