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When the wind is circling the ball and creating a balanced force

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Q: What are some balanced forces in soccer?
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How are unbalanced and balanced forces a part of Soccer?


Are the forces of kicking a soccer ball balanced or unbalanced?


What is balanced and unbalanced forces?

it is an example of newtons 1st and 3rd laws and an example of it is when some one kicks a soccer ball

What is meant by balanced forces?

balanced forces are forces which are balanced

Are the forces of a kicked soccer ball unbalanced or balanced?

Unbalanced, otherwise the ball would not move.

Are the forces on a penny balanced or unbalanced and why?

If the penny isn't accelerating in some way, the forces are balanced. If it is, then they're unbalanced.

When a pair of balanced forces acts on an object the ne force that result is?

If the net force is zero, then the forces are balanced. If the net force is not zero, then the forces are not balanced. You can have a balanced pair of forces, but not a pair of balanced forces.

Does balanced forces or unbalanced forces cancels out one another?

Balanced Forces

What are some examples of balanced forces and unbalanced forces in baseball?

The forces on the baseball are balanced when it's on the ground or on the shelf in the clubhouse, and unbalanced at all other times.

What is the difference between blanced and unblanced forces?

Balanced forces are forces that are balanced and there is no change in motion. Unblanced forces are the opposite of a balanced force. that means that unbalanced forces are not balanced and there is a change in motion.

When are forces balanced?

Forces are balanced when an object is at rest or not moving

Is a skydiver accelerating downward balanced?

If you mean "balanced forces", no: if forces are balanced, there is no acceleration.

Two forces that cancel each other out?

a balanced pair of forces (NOT a pair of balanced forces. It's the pair that's balanced, not the forces.)

What is the total force of two balanced forces?

If the forces are balanced, then by definition the sum of the forces is zero.

When a soccer ball is kicked why do the action and reaction forces not cancel each other out?

The game of soccer does not operate under its own unique physics. The forces involved are all absorbed and/or balanced as physical principles require.

What do balanced forces produce?

nothing because forces can't be balanced

Are the forces acting on the bike balanced or unbalanced?

The forces on a bike are balanced.

What is a balanced forces?

Balanced forces add up to a net force of zero.

A sentence with balanced forces?

the state of balanced forces is called equilibrium state

Use balanced forces in a sentence?

All the balanced forces acted upon me.

What is the difference between unbalanced forces and balanced forces?

Unbalanced forces don't add up to zero. Balanced forces do.

Are the forces on a car unbalanced or balanced?


Why are forces balanced when a car is travelling at a steady speed?

If the forces weren't balanced, then the car would be (de) accelerating, thus the forces must be balanced.

What if the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces in terms of motion?

Unbalanced forces is when the forces are 0N or more. Balanced forces are 0.

When forces are balanced what is the net force on an object?

When forces are balanced, the net force is zero.