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Well, most common risk is that you won't be good enough to make a living from Ice Hockey. there is limit for NHL players.. every team can have up to 30, so even if few teams joined NHL still only best 1 000 may play the worlds best league. Then you can still make 5-6 figures for decent living in AHL or many European leagues, but if you're not good enough for AHL, you have very slim chances in Europe. In lower leagues, such as ECHL, you can live from the pay, but have nothing after you retire.

Secondly, even if you're good enough to be the top, you may get injured really bad, so you'll have to quit professional career.

In the worst scenarios, you may die, altough that's very rare. On average, from 1,600,000 players from across the world, about 5 die per 10 years. But anything can happen, for example the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl disaster... every single member of the team died, including doctors and coaches.

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What is ad about hockey

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Q: What are some bad things about playing hockey?
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